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in a way yes, but because of the acoustics of the drums each one will sound different. u will however get the sort of pop of a snare drum

Only if you can get them tensioned properly. If you just tape a snare strainer to the bottom of a rack tom, it won't vibrate and you won't get any snare response.

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What are the strings at the bottom of the snare drum?

The strings at the bottom of the snare drum are actually called "Snares". The tightness of the snares determines the length of the "chh" sound you hear when the drum is hit.

What are snares on a snare drum?

The snares are the wires or cords under the resonant head on the snare drum that give it the snare drum sound.

Muffle your snare drum?

What makes a snare drum sound like it does is from the "snares" on the bottom of the drum. They're just basically metal strings strung tightly on the bottom head of the drum. To muffle the sound you can turn it off. which means you push the handle down so that the snares hang from the bottom, but then it doesn't really sound like a snare just a weird turned off drum.

What is a good brand snare drum?

Pearl, Mapex, and Sonor are all good brands of snares. - - - - - There are a LOT of good snares out there. The three mentioned above are good moderately priced snares. Tama is also a good snare, as is Yamaha. If you want to spend stupid amounts of money, go with Craviotto--his snares don't sound like anyone else's because of how they're made. Also, I got a "Peace" snare drum, they've got a heck of nice sound for the price. Plus the thing i love about snare drums and almost all drums is that you don't have to spend a butt load of money on an amazing snare but you can pretty much usually tune them to sound great. - - - - - check out mapleworks and darkhorse customs but the ply's are tricky.

How sound is produced in Cajun?

I believe you meant Cajon, which is a percussion instrument consisting of a box and a few strings on the upper corners. The Cajon makes a sound just like all other drums you can play, you hit it. The vibrations exit the sound hole in the back and you hear the sound. The same thing goes for the snare part of the Cajon. You hit where the snares are located and the snares vibrate, releasing the sound you hear when you hit the drum.

What vibarte on a drum to make a sound?

it depends what kind of drum. some drums have a simple elastic band that vibrates, and a snare drum, has some metal snares, that's why its called that.

What do snare drums sound like?


What makes the snare sound?

on the resonant head of a snare there are a line of wires ( also called snares ) which, when you hit the drum, bounce on to the drum and make that signature " tap " sound.

What does a snare drum look like?

The snare drum is a drum with strands of snaresmade of curled metal wire, metal cable, plastic cable, or gut cords stretched across the drumhead, typically the bottom. Pipe and tabor and some military snare drums often have a second set of snares on the bottom (internal) side of the top (batter) head to make a "brighter" sound, and the Brazilian caixa commonly has snares on the top of the upper drumhead. The snare drum is considered one of the most important drums of the drum kit.Today in popular music, especially with rock drum kits, the snare drum is typically used to play a backbeat pattern[1] such as quarter notes on the backbeat or the slightly more interesting:

How do you make your drums sound metallish like metallica?

Undo the snare

How do i attach snares to a snare?

Take it to someone who knows what they're doing so it doesnt sound like sh**

Does Travis barker use snare wires on his snare drums?

Of course....otherwise it would sound like a high pitched tom.

What are the features of the Ludwig Black Beauty snares?

The Ludwig Black Beauty drum snare has a seamless brass shell, and has Supra-phonic sound. These snares are priced higher due to the quality and workmanship of them.

How do you play a drum quitely?

Buy practice pads, you just put them on the drums and snares/symbols and it dulls the sound

What sound does a drum make?

A drum makes a beat sound, a percussive sound. The tone and duration depends on the type of drum: steel drums make ringing tones that last longer than snares or bass drums.

Names of manufacturers of the snare drum?

Here are some but not limited to: Craviotto, ddrum, Dunnett, DW, GMS, Gretsch Drums, Grover Pro, Latin Percussion, Ludwig, Mapex, Noble & Cooley, Ocheltree, Orange County Drums and Percussion , Orbitone, Pacific Drums by DW, Pearl, Pork Pie, RCI Starlite, Sound Percussion, Spaun, Tama, Taye Drums, Trick, Yamaha... All drum set manufacturers do manufacture snares too although some companies may specialize in only snare drum manufacturing.

What instrument is like a snare drum?

A Side Drum is simple a snare drum with a different name. Side drums were the original snare drums that we slung across the drummers' shoulders in the war (which resulted in the origin of traditional grip). They are usually larger than modern snare drums and have a darker, lower pitch. Also, gaining popularity, is the Cajon. The cajon is designed to mimic the sound of a drum set, having both a bass and a snare sound. +++ There is a basic difference between a snare drum and plain side-drum, and that is the snare; a set of wires stretched across the lower head so that they vibrate against the head to give a rattling quality to the strokes. ... And can smooth the sound of irregularly-played rolls!

What is the snare drum also called and what gives it its snare sound?

It doesn't have another name. The snares are steel wires, sinuously-wound and tensioned so that they contact the lower drum-head. When the top head is struck, the snare-head resonates in sympathy, making the wires rattle against it to give the characteristic timbre to the drum's sound.

How a snare drum works?

A snare drum is a relatively simple piece of kit. On the bottom of the drum, there are loads of stretched out springs, or snares, which are extremely tight, resting on the underside skin. When you hit the top skin of the drum, the bottom skin vibrates, making the snares bounce, making the metallic noise. slack snares also rattle for a while afterwards, though it doesn't sound good, so most drummers opt for the snares to be as tight as possible, to eliminate any rattle after the hit.

What is the highest pitch a snare drum play?

Snare drums are not pitched instruments, and so the pitch of their sound cannot be measured, even though a smaller instrument will make a sound with higher pitches than a larger one.

What are the important parts of the snare drum?

All parts of a snare drum are important, take any element away will effect the performance/sound. The thing that makes the snare differ from most drums is the snare wires that are in contact with the bottom head of the drum, this gives the snare its distinctive "crack" when struck take away the wires and it will sound like a high pitched tom-tom

Which is the odd one out cymbals snare drum double bass or violin?

Cymbals. The others have strings that vibrate to make the sound.

Did Johnny Cash invent anything?

he put a match book in his guitar strings so they would sound like a snare drum

What johnny cash instruments use in walk the line?

I Walk the Line is a song written by Johnny Cash and recorded in 1956. The unique chord progression for the song was inspired by backwards playback of guitar runs on Cash's tape recorder. Since drums werent used back then in country music, he gave the sound of a snare drum by putting a piece of paper in his guitar strings for a snare drum sound.

What is the different between a snare drum and tympani?

Timpani (plural) are often called kettledrums. Usually made out of copper or fiberglass and are usually 23-32 inches in diameter. They are usually played with softer mallets and are bowl-shaped. Snare drums are smaller - usually 12-14 inches and are cylinder shaped. Snare drums have a springs or nylon strings that go across the bottom head to give the sound an extra snap or buzz when the top (batter) head is struck. Snare drums are often found on drumsets, in marching bands, etc. Timpani are usually reserved for more classical sounds such as symphonies, and wind ensembles, but can be used in the 'pit' of a marching band. Not very portable.