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Q: If you put your hand in a garbage disposal will it get chopped off?
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What is the movie where a man pretends to put a girls hand in a garbage disposal?

The Mechanic [2011] [R] He holds the teenage girl's hand over an in-sink garbage disposal, the woman shouts, the man turns on the disposal and we see blood and chunks of tissue fly through the air (he turns off the disposal, holds up the teenage girl's hand, which is unharmed, and throws a piece of butcher meat on a counter.

How do you get a diamond out of a kitchen garbage disposal?

well if it was in the "disposal" you wont get it back because it went through the "disposer". if it is inside the "disposer", take it off and flip it upside down if you can't fit your hand inside

Why isn't your Garbage disposal not working?

The electric power is shut off

What are the harmfull effects of garbage disposal?

People losing fingers by not shutting off the disposal when trying to make repairs

How do you clean up battery acid off of linens?

Soak it in bleach then put in garbage disposal

In Doctor Who who chopped off the tenth Doctor's hand?

The Tenth Doctors hand was chopped off by the Sycorax leader, in the first Christmas special, entitled "The Christmas Invasion".

How can you make a sentence with the word chopped?

the evil man chopped the guilty mans hand off.

Is a professional required to do garbage disposal repair?

Not necessarily, but someone who is good with their hand is important, and first things first...turn off the electricity! It's good to have the manual in order to see the components of the unit.

Do it Yourself Garbage Disposal Repair?

One of the most common problems encountered with a garbage disposal occurs when you try to turn the disposal on, but nothing happens. If you are experiencing this issue, there are several things you can try to fix the garbage disposal yourself before you go through the trouble of calling a professional repairman or replacing the disposal completely. Before you try anything, however, always remember that you should never put your hand down the drain and into the disposal as this is extremely dangerous. If your garbage disposal makes absolutely no noise when it is turned on, this signals that the problem is electrical in nature. The first thing you should do is verify that the garbage disposal is connected to the power source. Obviously, if the disposal isn't plugged in, it will not run. If you find that the disposal is properly connected to power, try pressing the Reset button typically located on the bottom of the disposal unit. In the event that pressing Reset doesn't work, the next thing you can do is check the circuit breaker to see if it has been turned off or tripped. If it has been tripped, simply turn it back on. If you have checked the power, reset the unit, and checked the circuit breaker and your disposal still refuses to make a sound, there is either something wrong with the switch or the disposal may need to be replaced. To check the switch, you must first locate it. It may be on the wall near the disposal or under the sink. Once you have located the switch, you can replace it to see if that solves the problem. Before you replace the switch, however, you must disable the circuit breaker that powers the garbage disposal. After you have replaced the switch, you should turn the circuit breaker back on and check to see if your garbage disposal is working. If the switch was faulty, the garbage disposal should run normally. In the event that none of the suggestions detailed above are successful, it is likely that your garbage disposal cannot be repaired and you will need to replace it. You can either do this yourself or call a professional to install the new disposal.

British gangster-movie where someone gets his Hand Chopped off?

The Krays

Do you need and under sink air vent for a garbage disposal?

If there is no vent off the kitchen sink you would need to install an in-line vent.

Repairing a Fussy Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is a convenient tool for virtually any kitchen, and once the appliance is in use every day, it is hard to do without one. There are a few things that can cause a garbage disposal to go on the fritz and some of them can actually be fixed without calling in a professional.No NoiseIf the disposal has stopped making any noise when it has been turned on, there are some things that can be checked.1. Look under the sink, at the bottom of the garbage disposal, and try to press the unit's reset button. Sometimes it is as simple as the reset button popping out. Push it back in and give the disposal another try.2. Check the circuit breaker. If it has been tripped, switch it off and back on, then try the disposal again.3. Find the switch that powers the garbage disposal. This is usually located on the wall near the sink or in the cabinet underneath the sink. It may be a case of a malfunctioning switch. Turn off the circuit breaker the powers the disposal, then replace the faulty switch. Try the disposal once again. If this is an uncomfortable situation, it might be worth it to have a professional fix it.4. If nothing else is fixing the problem and the disposal still makes no noise when turned on, it might need to be replaced completely. A bit of do-it-yourself knowledge is required for this sort of replacement, so a professional might be needed.Strange NoisesIf the disposal unit is making odd or humming noises but will not actually run, it might be clogged or stuck on something.1. Switch the circuit breaker that powers the disposal off.2. Most garbage disposals come with an offset wrench. Insert this wrench into the flywheel turning hole - this is situated on the bottom of the garbage disposal. Going in a clockwise direction, turn the wrench. This will dislodge anything that has gotten stuck. The flywheel will turn freely when it has been cleared.3. Never put a hand down the garbage disposal. Using a wooden broom handle, the disposal's impeller can be easily unclogged or unstuck from the sink drain. Place the end of the handle against the impeller and, using a bit of elbow grease, try to free it. When it is not obstructed any longer, remove the handle and push the reset button underneath the unit.4. Turn the water on in the sink and quickly switch the disposal off and on for a few seconds. This will make the flywheel spin and can help to dislodge anything clogging it.