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Too late dude, you better do right by that girl and marry her.

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Can sperm get through boxers?

It's not likely but if your worried about getting pregnant or getting some one pregnant i wouldn't chance it.

Why where the boxers from the Boxer rebellion called boxers?

The reason the "Boxers" were called Boxers is because during the rebellion the boxers had banners and on the banners was a black closed fist so the people getting attacked thought they were boxers

Can you get pregnant if you're wearing basketball shorts but your boyfriend is in his boxers but then you feel cum on his boxers?

No, you can't. Unless he was inside of you or came on your vagina with no pants on, you're not going to get pregnant.

Why boxers their hand in rice?

it helps strengthen fingers and hand from moving through rice.

Can you get pregnant if you bf was pushing his penis against your vagina and you were naked but he had boxers on you felt wetness thru his boxers and it was the day after your period had ended?

It is highly unlikely you would get pregnant the day after your period unless you have a very short cycle and as far as I know sperm cannot get through boxers, even wet ones. Penetration usually has to occur for a girl to get pregnant.

What type of athlete is more prone to getting fractures?

Boxers. Boxers get the most that's why there is a fracture called a boxer fracture.

If i was rubbing up against his penis with just his boxers on am i gonna get pregnant?

no No. His sperm needs to have actually gone into your vagina for you to get pregnant.

Sperm is on your boxers you touch it then the vagina can a girl get pregnant?

Are you kidding me? You can. got taught in health class.

Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis against her vagina but with his boxers and jeans on and with her underwear and thin shorts on and fingers her vagina really hard after?

Answer:How about you be embarrased? and have sex when your old enough to know that cant happen.no in order to get pregnant, the female must suck the penis until it is really wet and when it is ready the male must insert it into the vagina and keep going in and out we call this process sex.

Does Freddie Highmore wear boxers?

In Freddie Highmore's latest film 'The Art of Getting By' there is a scene in which he grapples with an adversary. The waistband of a pair of grey flannel boxers is visible.

Your girlfriend gave you a hand-job and you did ejaculate you wiped it with your own fingers and on your boxers then fingered her can she still become pregnant?

WASH YOUR HANDS ! seriously, that would be so gay, YOURE PREGNANT? YOU HAD SEX? no my boyfriend cummed when i gave him a handjob and didnt wash his hands so now im pregnant. seriously guys, why would you be so lame? just make sure you get all the sperm off of your fingers first, then finger. honestly though, wait a couple minutes, then the sperm can all die too. its the safest thing to do.

Can A girl get pregnant if you pre-ejaculate just a little bit into a pair of boxers then she wares them home?

I highly doubt she will get pregnant wearing boxers with pre-cum in them. But if you are having sex and use the withdrawl method, well then yes she can become pregnant. Because pre-cum contains live active sperm. Many women have gotten pregnant from pre-cum. But to answer your question about the boxers. I highly doubt it because once the sperm hits the air it usually dies, also if it dries up it looses it's effectivness, So no need to worry.

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