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Yes. We should sleep on our back. DEFINITELY. I'm 43, and the side of my face I sleep on is absolutely more wrinkled around eyes and mouth, but I can't sleep on my back!

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What is the comfy way to sleep?

idk but if u dont want wrinkles dont sleep on ur side or on ur face that is one way to get wrinkles

Does sterling knight have wrinkles?

Sterling Knight doesn't have wrinkles when his face is straight, but when he smiles, he has natural wrinkles on either side of his mouth from smiling too much :D

Why do I sleep face down?

This varies person to person. Some people sleep on their side, face, and/or back. It's all based on the contour of your body and where you find most comfort.

Do pigs always sleep on their right side?

Pigs do not always sleep on their right side. Pigs can sleep on their left side, right side, or sleep on their bellies.

Why can one side of your face be clear of pimples but the other side is full of pimples?

Because your probably wearing a lot of makeup and gel. Possibly it is the side you sleep on, in which case change your pillowcase frequently, or it could be that you have your hand on that side of your face a lot, maybe even without realizing it.

Does the brain have wrinkles?

Yes it does. It also has 2 sides to it, the logical side and the emotional side.hope it helped! :)

How to remove wrinkles on your face?

You can remove wrinkes by many natural methods and these natural methods will not harm you in any way...Some natural ways for removing wrinkles are Yogurt mask Lemon juice Reduce stress. Manuka Honey's anti aging properties make it a powerful and effective ingredient in natural skin care products. Cucumber is one of the best skin care ingredients for removing wrinkles on skin. Try using cabbage face mask to tighten skin, prevent wrinkles on face and neck, and to keep skin looking younger naturally.Mix 30 ml of cabbage juice with 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply this natural skincare recipe on your face and neck wrinkles to get rid of wrinkles. You can also use some anti wrinkle cream like skinlastin, dermagist, boot no 7, lifecell to get rid of wrinkles because all these natural tips will work slowly and get more time to show results that's why many women prefer to use these anti aging creams as it has no side effects...

What is a common side effect of early aging and smoking?

A common side affect is getting wrinkles at an early age.

Why does one side of your face grow facial hair faster than the other?

It's normal I have it too. My right side grows a lot faster. In time they'll even out. I had a friend who had a similar situation with his armpit hair.

Why can you only sleep on your right side?

You can sleep on any side you wish. You can sleep sitting down and even standing up.

How do horses sleep and where?

horses sleep standig up and in side a barn or out side on a rope

What side of the face was mayellas face injured?

right side!

What side of the bed do Trey Songz sleep on?

i think trey song sleep on the right side

What is 1 side of a face?

a face is 1 side of a geometric solid.

What is the name of one side of a face?

The side of your face is called the profile

Which position should you sleep in?

sleep on your RIGHT SIDE it won't put pressure on your heart DONT SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH remember RIGHT SIDE

Which side of the bed should the husband sleep on?

The right. Girls sleep on the side closest to their mans heart

How do you sleep while you are pregnant On you side?

It's recommended that you sleep on your left side, with a pillow between your knees.

What episode in Pokemon ash sleep with misty?

They always sleep together, like in the tent or side by side.

Do pigs sleep on their left side?

Pigs sleep in many ways. They will sleep on both sides. They will sleep on their tummies.

How can you get wrinkles out of polyester costume?

Sometimes just washing according to the label and hanging on a line will allow the wrinkles to fall out. (Don't forget to sweep up the wrinkles afterwards!) If this doesn't seem to work, it could be that wrinkles have become set in the fabric if the garment has been too densely packed and overheated in the dryer after washing. Polyester is thermoplastic and hygroscopic! So, to remove stubborn wrinkles: # Wash the costume according to the label, even if it is already clean. # Dry it. # Turn it inside out. # Using the lowest setting, or the polyester setting, iron it on the 'wrong side', using a damp pressing cloth, starting from the top and working down with a side-to-side sweeping movement. At the more difficult wrinkles, iron by pressing hard and moving slowly. You may have to do this several times. If the wrinkles persist, wet them, either by dabbing the areas with wetted cloth or by wetting them with small amount of water, and allowing it to soak in thoroughly. Then iron the wrinkles while they are in this damp condition. You can iron without a pressing cloth, but you have to be very, very careful! And, to avoid iron marks, never iron the garment on the right side!

Can you sleep on your side while pregnant?

Yes. In fact, far along in pregnancy, it is best to sleep on your left side if you can.

Why is the left side of your face slightly higher than the right side of your face?

perhaps you are laying on your left side?

What side should you sleep on when pregnant?

the right side, because the heart is more on the left side, so bloodflow and oxygen are optimal during sleep.

Do goldfish sleep on their side?

no they don't goldfish sleep with their eyes open and they swim around in their sleep

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