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Depending on the value of the car, you might be able to sell just the title to someone. Very limited value in just a title.

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Q: If you sold your car to someone who stiffed you for the vehicle can you sell the title if it is still in your name?
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If you tell someone to leave can they still take the vehicle?

If they have a key or their name is on the title then yes.

Is there a way to get your title if you still owe on the vehicle?

The buyer/borrower should have a copy of the title, as it is needed to register the vehicle. The title will have the name of the buyer and the name of the company holding the lien on the vehicle.

What is open title?

no, buying vehicle from someone who got the vehicle through a mechanics lien

When someone assumes your finance payments are you no longer responsible for the vehicle?

IF you transfer the title and loan out of your name you are not responsible. IF NOT, and they don't make the payments, or have insurance on it, YOU are responsible for all aspects of the vehicle as you still OWN it. the name on the title & loan is the responsible party.

How do you receive a vehicle title that still has a lien?

You can't. If a vehicle has a lien on it the lien holder is the owner of record of the vehicle.

Can you register a vehicle if the loan is in someone elses name?

If your name is on the title

How to find out if a vehicle has a lien on it in someone else's name?

it would be listed on the title

What can happen if you don't pay a title loan and you still have the car?

The vehicle can be repossessed.

Can a title company put a lien on your vehicle if YOU still hold the title?

as long as you physically have the title in your possession and its in your name and they haven't signed the back, you are still the legal owner. A title company would have to give proof of your financial obligation to them

If someone has a car title that belongs to a person that someone paid for from a title loan place and the person didn't put his name on the lien spot so does the car still belong to him or you or who?

The car belongs to the person listed as the owner on the title. Listing someone as the lien holder does not make them the owner.You can't transfer a motor vehicle when you know there's a lien on it. The lien would be reflected on the title and a prudent buyer wouldn't take title that is encumbered by a lien.

If you have the title to your vehicle can the bank still repossess it?

If there is money owed to the lender with the vehicle used as collateral, the lender will be shown as a lien holder on the title and can if the contract is defaulted recover the vehicle according to the laws of the state in which it is registered. yes

Can you change a title with someone elses name on it?

A title cannot be changed without the owner of the vehicle signing off on the seller line. A title can be transferred and a vehicle registered by a person other than the registered owner in most states.

If someone signed the title to his vehicle over to his brother before he died is the vehicle his or does it belong to the deceased under age children?

That depends on which party died. If the person who died is the one who signed the title over, then the vehicle belongs to the brother. If the brother who received the signed title is the one who died, then the vehicle belongs to his heirs or estate.

Can a person who holds title to a vehicle have it repossessed from someone driving it as a loaner?

Report it stolen.

Can I get a title for a vehicle that is given to me from a stranger. Someone is giving away a car but they say there is no title?

The first thing you need to do is call your local police department and give them the vin and ask them if the vehicle is stolen. You dont want to get caught trying to get a title for a stolen vehicle. Why would someone just give a car away when they can take it to a salvage yard and get a couple hundred bucks for it.

Is the warranty still good on a salvage title car?

No, the warranty is void on a salvage vehicle.

I had my salvage title vehicle inspected by Ohio highway patrol but it still has a salvage title how do i get a clear title?

Once a vehicle has an Ohio Salvage title assigned, the history remains with that VIN until the vehicle is scrapped. The Registrar in your county will issue a Repaired Salvage , or "branded" Title that you can get your license plates with. You cannot obtain a Clear title for this car.

Bank won't release title?

A bank won't release the title to a vehicle until it has been paid in full. This is done to prevent the vehicle from being sold while payments still remain.

Can you be reimbursed for damage to a vehicle with a salvage title if the other party is at falt?

Yes; why on earth would you think otherwise? The "salvage" title only means that it is a reconstructed, or rebuilt vehicle which has probably been heavily damaged and repaired. It is STILL your property, and in this respect, a title, is a title, is a title -- "salvage" has nothing to do with whether or not you own the property (vehicle). If some one else damages it, then they have damaged YOUR property.

Can someone get the vehicle back after signing a car title over?

Sorry to say but no. It is a legal agreement.

Where should the title of the vehicle be kept?

Do not keep the title to your vehicle in the vehicle. Keep it in your home somewhere safe.

If the owner of a car lets a family member drive register and insure a vehicle and the vehicle is in an accident can they be sued?

if the title is still in your name yes.

If you have not paid your car payments for over 3 years can you file a lost title and sell or get the title?

No, you can only replace a lost title. If the vehicle had a lien from the bank, a replacement title will still show the lien.

Do you still owe title loan after vehicle is not working and repossessed?

YES! Including any interest.

Can you junk a vehicle without title if the loan company refuses to repossess the car?

ONLY if you can find someone to buy it without a title. NO buyer, NO seller.