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Some women do spot after ovulation and this isn't a indication of pregnancy but 9 days after ovulation you will not be pregnant. It takes in total 12 days or the Embryo to implant and begin releasing HCG. Because of this you can not test till 3 weeks after intercourse.

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Q: If you spot after ovulation then 9 days later can you be pregnant?
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Could i be pregnant when i have this light brown spotting for 2 days after my ovulation?

Pregnant women usually spot after becoming pregnant. My advice is to go get checked.

Is it possible to spot 4 days after ovulation?

Yes. I did 4 days after ovulation. Just spotted once. Just noticed when I wiped. Then a little brown soon after. Then gone.

Could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period i had blood spot for about five days?

could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period had blood spot for about five days?

Does it mean your pregnant if you spot blood?

Yes, you could be pregnant if you spot a small amount of blood for 1-2 days

Can a little blood two days after sex on your ovulation day be a sign of pregnancy 32k?

Yes but most women spot during ovulation, so it's probably just cause by ovulation

Can you spot four days before you ovulate?

I did. I've never experienced ovulation bleed until this month.

Pink spotting days before period is due?

It is probably due to ovulation (releasing an egg). Many women spot during ovulation. However, if there's a chance you could be pregnant, then it could be caused by that. Particularly if you don't get your period. If you don't get your period, take a pregnancy test.

Could you spot blood right after your period and may be pregnant?

if it was 2 -3 days after that's just the last bits of the period if its 11 days later or something that's implantation bleeding

You were spotting for one day two weeks after your period could you be pregnant?

More likely that you were ovulating. A lot of when spot during ovulation and ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks after your last period

Is it too late to start using progesterone cream if you are 10 days past ovulation and spotting?

I am not a doctor, but this happened to me. I started spotting only 7 days past ovulation and when I called my fertility clinic at 10 days past ovulation, they advised me to start progesterone, which led me to believe I still had a chance to be pregnant. I continued to spot for days 10 and 11. However, 12 days past ovulation (two days after starting progesterone) my period came. Although I think it's still possible to be pregnant with spotting and starting progesterone that late, if the spotting is related to your uterus lining breaking down, it is unlikely. I have a history of starting my period early despite having good progesterone levels, but if you do not have this history, it's possible your spotting is implantation spotting.

Are You pregnant if you spot 15 days before your period and a couple days after sex?

Absolutely yes!! Congratulations!!

Can you be pregnant if you spot for 2 days then 1 week later have 7 days of very light on and of spotting 2 neg hpt results?

Yes. The only way to determine if your pregnant is to see your Doctor and secure a professional pregnancy test, or wait and see what happens.

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