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No, conception bleeding (if it occurs at all) occurs 6-10 days after ovulation.

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Q: If you spotted two drops of blood a day and a half after ovulation is this conception bleeding?
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What is ovulation bleeding?

Blood that is passed during a womans period

What could smelly discharge and a few drops of blood mean?

Implantation blood or ovulation bleeding from pink princess

What is spotty blood that comes out of a women after conception during the first week?

implantation bleeding

Do you bleed after conception?

Some women will have three to four days of bleeding around 48 hrs after conception known as implantation blood.

What does it mean that i think i had period the 27th of August and I'm sure i spotted the 8th of September yet i started bleeding the 27th of that September?

Sometimes ovulation will cause a slight amount of blood to be discharged. Normally termed "mittelschmertz", (mid-bleeding). It's normal, and is not a "period".

What is old blood when it's mixed with discharge?

Old blood is usually darker brown in colour. Unlike fresh blood loss which is usually bright red in colour. old blood its either ovulation bleeding or Implantation bleeding

Why are you bleeding dark brown 2 weeks after your period?

Dark brown or "old blood" bleeding two weeks after your period is likely a sign that ovulation is occurring.

What does it mean if you spotted blood before your period?

spottinb efore a few days before period is Implantation bleeding

I am bleeding red blood 14 days after my last period what is wrong with me?

This is normal. You are ovulating and most women bleed slightly during ovulation

Could you have implantation bleeding during ovulation?

yes my gf had implantation two days of was pink blood and then brown for two days

You have been spotting brownish blood for the 2nd 3rd week on and off after conception and today you had light red blood Am you going to Miscarry?

only if the bleeding continues to getr heavier

Is it possible that since you only bleed when you pee its a sign of implantation bleeding its heavy but dont need a pad or tampon?

If you only have blood in your urine, that's more likely to be a UTI. If you only have blood that's noticeable when you wipe, it could be implantation bleeding (rare) or ovulation bleeding (more common).

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