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Pink! im actually doing a project on it right now :)

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Q: If you stare at green paper for 30 seconds and then shift to white paper what color appears?
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Can red litmus paper turn green in a neutral solution?

no because if the solution is neutral the litmus paper is still in its color

Why legal ledger paper is green?

ledger paper is green because green is the most common color in nature and after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, green is the least stressful color to view, therefore the best background color when intently reviewing (staring at) print

Paper that is blue with a strong base will stay what color?


What was James Madison's favorite color?

James Madison's favorite color was green due to the fact that he decided that paper money would be green.

An acid will turnlitmus paper yellow and the base wil turn litmus paper green?

Red color in acidic solutions and blue color in basic solutions.

What color does blue litmus paper turn when dipped in water?

dark green

If you look through a red filter at a sheet of green paper that is in white light what will you see?

The paper appears black. -- The paper is called "green" because it absorbs any light that isn't green, and reflects only green light to the observer. -- The filter is called "red" because it absorbs any light that isn't red, and transmits only red light through to the other side. -- There's no red light shining from the paper into the filter, so there's no light leaving the filter. The paper appears black.

What color RIT dye can be used to make sage green?

If you are tring to make a green screen just get a blanket or paper that is green 255

When White light (ROYGBIV) shines on a piece of paper capable of absorbing ROYBIV what color does the paper appear?


What thing will turn litmus paper green?

no,thats not right OXYGEN CAN TURN LITMUS GREEN.

What color is papyrus?

The color of the papyrus plant is mixed color of yellow, white and green. The color of papyrus paper is a mixed colour of white, yellow and brown.

What color does a strip of litmus paper turn when it is dipped into water?

It would turn Green