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If you are just starting Birth Control you should wait at least a month before having unprotected sex. That is the safest way to go. If you really can't wait that long you should use condoms for 2 weeks.

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Q: If you start taking the pill on your first day of your period when can one start to have unprotected sex?
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When do you start taking femiane birth control for the first time if finished your period a few days ago do you have to wait for your next period to start how soon after is it safe for unprotected sex?

When you finish your pack of 21 pills you wait eight days and then start taking your pills again. Example if you started taking your pills on a Monday you should always start a new pack on that same day every time.

When is the apporiate time to start taking bill control pills after having a baby?

If you wait the required 6 weeks before having sex then start taking them after your first period after having a baby and wait 30 days for them to get into your system before having unprotected sex.

What part of my cycle should I start taking the contraceptive pill again?

You can either start taking the pill on the first day of your period, which is called day one start, or on the first Sunday after your period, which is called a Sunday start.

What is wrong when your period starts and stops in less than thirty minutes?

that probably is your first period, or the start of it. If you have had unprotected sex though you should get checked out.

Can pregnancy symptoms start before your first missed period?

Yes definitely. Pregnancy symptoms can start as soon as 7 days after unprotected sex.

What happens if you are on tri nessa and you started with the last 2 dark blue pills and then went in the normal cycle can you get pregnant will it mess up your period?

Hello - When you first start taking BCP you are NOT protected against pregnancy for 4 weeks until you've had your first period. Then you can have unprotected sex. Any time prior to the 4 week period can result in pregnancy.

How late in your cycle can you start taking birth control pills?

Its best if you start taking the pill on the first day of your period. However you can start taking it anytime.

When i was taking the pill i got my period but haven't finished the pack?

you can start taking another pack even if you're not through with the first one you can start taking the first white pill from the new pack on the first day of your period and disregard the remaining red/brown pills that you took.

If you have been on birth control for two years and then go off for a month when you start taking it again do you have to wait a week before having unprotected sex?

You need to wait longer than one week before having unprotected sex. You cannot have unprotected sex until you have been on BCP for one complete cycle - once you receive your period after starting BCP, then you can have unprotected sex.

If you start taking the pill the first day of the period instead of starting Sunday as recommended?

If you start the pill on the first day of your period, you have immediate protection against pregnancy.

Can you start taking femcon fe at any time?

According to the Package and the actual website itself no. You should start taking it on the Sunday immediately following your period, or on the very first day of your period.

When should you start taking birth control?

before you decide to have sex Hello there - Start taking BCP on the advice of your doctor. But I started taking BCP the FIRST day of my period. This made my next period arrive regularaly and monthly.

This month will be your first time taking the pill you know to start the first Sunday after you start but what do you do if you start on Sunday?

If your period starts on sunday, you can start the pill that day.

Can you be pregnant if you skipped a period on purpose one month then by taking the next pack of pills and then had unprotected sex before you were supposed to start your period?

o dear o deary me well yes you can and you are screwed if u dont want a baby

Does it matter how many days you start taking birth control pills after your period?

Usually, they tell you to start taking your birth control WHILE you have your period, because your protection from getting pregnant starts immediately. If you start taking it at any time while you aren't on your period, then you are not protected for 30 days after you take the first pill. It doesn't matter when you start, but keep in mind to use extra protection for the first month.

Could you be pregnant if you had your period at the start of the month and then got on the patch for only two weeks and had unprotected sex and got your period again the same month but not this monoth?

Have you had unprotected sex since your last period? Then it is possible you are pregnant.

Can you get pregnant with out an period?

Are you wondering if you can get pregnant without having had your first period? Well, yes you can. If you're having unprotected sex when your first menstrual cycle is starting, then you can get pregnant witout having had a period first. That'd be unsuitably early to start having sex, and terribly early to become pregnant.

When will my period start with triphasal birth control?

There is no way to know when you will start your period when you first start taking Triphasal birth control. You just have to wait and see how your body reacts.

Can you be pregnant if your period is 2-3 days late?

If you have had unprotected sex and your period is late then of course you could possibly be pregnant. I advise taking a pregnancy test if it does not start soon. You can have one done for free at some health departments/planned parenthood clincs.

Can you take birth control while having your period?

Yes you can, it sais in the instructions when you first start that you can start taking them on the first day of your cyle. Although after the first initial time taking them you would either get a 28 day pack with 7 sugar pills while you have your period or a 21 day pack and wait a week and then start a new one.

What are the chances of getting pregnant from having unprotected sex on the day you start your period?


Do you take clomiphene the first day after your period for the next five days?

when you start you period from that day count five days on the five day you start taking clomiphene.

If is the first time you are taking the pill when are you suppose to take it before or after your period?

during ur period or after.but always start on a Sunday

You just started taking BC pills this month had break through bleeding now on the placebo week haven't had your period had unprotected sex during those first 3 week could you be pregnant?

It takes about a month for the pill to really start working, so yes, there is a chance you may be pregnant. Doctor's say you should wait at least a month before having unprotected sex while on BC...

When can you start taking birth control during the month?

You start taking birth control pills the first Sunday after your period ends, but Its always best to consult your Dr.