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If you take Health Sciences in high school do you have to take all the classes in college?


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For the most part--yes. Unless you have taken college level health sciences course, i.e. AP or IB, in which depending on your grades and score on the exams, you may be excluded. Although, now that I think about it, I dont think they have AP or IB health. At any rate, it is best to check with the prospective college.

In Floirda you must take a Health course in high school and if you are attending a community college it is required that you take a 1 credit couse in Health as well. This 1 credit health course can be waived if you are medically excused or if you take a 2 credit course such as walk/jog/run, weight training etc. Keep in mind the Health course in college is a bit different from that of high school; it is more in depth and does not focus on STD's, relationships, abuse, violence, alcohol, and drugs.

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