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Are you on Birth Control? I know it sounds like dumb question if you are wondering when you're ovulating, but birth control pills prevent ovulation. The stringy white discharge may or may not be present, and sometimes it is in very small quantities. It may also be clear, as well. All this does is give the sperm a nice little river of mucous in which to swim up to get to the cervix. Thus a lot of times the mucous is not even present when you wipe, it may just be around the cervix. I would trust the ovulation test.

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Q: If you take a home ovulation prediction kit and it shows you to be ovulating does it mean you will ovulate because i never see this stringy white discharge i hear so much about.?
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How would you come to know if your ovulation has occur or not?

If you are really concerned then I would suggest using an ovulation prediction kit because they tell you when you could ovulate.

Is yellow discharge normal if you are 2 weeks pregnant? control.htm likely you are ovulating at this time--you are most likely to get pregnant when you have alot of white discharge AnswerHi, You can do but a lot of white discharge can be ovulation discharge, because technically its very very rare to find out your 2 weeks pregnant. Its most likely ovulation discharge but if you've had the pregnancy confirmed, then its the pregnancy discharge.

Should you have a mucus flow before you start getting your periods?

That is the discharge being thicker because you are ovulating so yes.

Can certain vaginal odors indicate pregnancy?

If it is strictly an odor, no. Sometimes odor can be a result of infections though, this can affect your fertility. All women naturally have a vaginal odor. This is because the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. The odor is just the smell of your vagina discharge. This discharge changes with your cycle. When your discharge is clear and stretchy, this is generally the sign that you are ovulating (which is the best time to try to conceive). The odor of discharge is often strongest during ovulation or right before your period. Exercising can also change the consistency and odor of your discharge as well. So to answer your question, odor alone will not affect your fertility but the reason for the odor can affect your fertility.

What does it mean if you ovulated late and had white or clear discharge five days after ovulation?

I don't think it means anything, Usually a whitish or clear discharge means that you are going through ovulation. Remember you can get pregnant before or right after ovulation. I believe you can have whitish (sometimes lotiony) discharge for a day or two a few days after ovulation because of estrogen surges. I just bought the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler---it's got a great explanation of what happens during your cycle and how to predict your fertility, whether you're trying to conceive or want to guard against getting pregnant. It could mean that your vagina is cleansing right before your next period is due. I experienced the same thing a day after sex, and then i had a regular period. It could also mean that you're not ovulating. Ovulating is when the mucus is clear, slippery and very stretchable. It is called spinbarkeit. It is cervical mucus that is most welcoming to sperm while you are ovulating, helping you become pregnant. Early in pregnancy, you'll probably experience a thin, milky white discharge. Called "leucorrhoea," this substance will increase during pregnancy and is completely normal. The clear discharge is a sign ovulation is near within the next day or two, a white discharge is a sign ovulation has passed. Don't get yourself stressed from the other answer above, discharge is NOT a sign of not ovulating and is not cleaning out you vagina for your next period. That is why we have periods is to clean everything out.

Does the discharge you have during ovulation stop after tubal ligation?

no it does is not due to mechanical connection betn the tubes and uterus is because of hormonal changes during ovulation... so it wont stop after ligation.

What are infertility drugs?

Infertility drugs are medicines that help bring about pregnancy.

Is it common to have a lot of discharge after being off of the pill for a month and still have the pregnancy test come back negative?

Yes its common because your body is working off the birth control pills which stop you from ovulating. Because of this your body is trying to get back on track and your ovulation cycle may be a bit messed up. It takes 3 months for the pill to be out of your system.

Can the saliva ovulation predictor detect pregnancy?

Hello, Unfortunately a Saliva Ovulation test cannot detect pregnancy because HCG will not be found in saliva. HCG is only detected in blood or urine. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in place of a Medical experts. ------------------------------------------------------------

When do you know your ovalating?

There are many indicators of ovulation, but no real way to know that you are indeed ovulating unless you test for ovulation. (I'd also like to note some women do have double ovulation.) Change in discharge (egg white like), change in body temp (very slight), and sometimes cramping could be all indicators of ovulation.

What does brown spotting and pain mean after your period?

It is probably because you are ovulating (releasing an egg) Lots of people get pain and brown spotting during ovulation, which occurs shortly after your period

I have come off the pill and not yet had a period so why is your ovulation test coming up negative?

Your ovulation test may be coming back negative for several reasons. Most commonlly is probablly because you simply are not ovulating. Your body has a small window of ovulation usually occurring seven days before the start of your period and seven days after your period. So naturally there is a two week period where you are simply not ovulating