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If you take a pregnancy test after a miss carriage will it show negative?

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I believe right after you will still have the hormone in your blood stream. I would advise you go the Dr. to be sure if you are pregnant again or not.

2011-09-12 22:19:53
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If you are 2 weeks 4 days pregnant will a pregnancy test show up positive or negative?

A home pregnancy test will show up most probably negative in this case.

Can a pregnancy test show positive if you're not pregnant?

Yup.AnswerIt isn't likely. False negatives are common. False positives are very uncommon. They can. I have had some false positives with Clear Blue (not the digital type). False positives are not likely but they can happen if you have had a chemical pregnancy (early miss carriage) or if you have HCG (the pregnancy hormone) occurring in your body.

Could a bladder infection cause a missed period and a pregnancy test show negative?

Sorry but they are no way linked so no a bladder infection can not cause a missed period or even a pregnancy test to show as negative

If pregnant on the pill will your test be negative?

No pregnancy is pregnancy and it doesn't matter if you were on the pill at the time. It will still show positive if you were pregnant.

Can a negative pregnancy test be used again then turn positive after being reused?

A pregnancy test can NOT be reused and it will not show a accurate answer.

Can you have a negative pregnancy test and have an ectopic pregnancy?

Due to the possibility of lower levels of hormone with ectopic pregnancy it is possible to have a home test show that you are not pregnant while you have an EP.

Is it possible to be pregnant and show signs of pregnancy but get a negative answer from a home pregnancy test taken about 6 days before a missed period?


Can you be pregnant for a month and a pregnancy test still show up negative?

If you are four weeks pregnant you will have enough hCH to have a positive pregnancy test.

Your test sHow is negative but the ultrasound sHow is sperm in egg but not attached to uterus what does this mean?

You could have had a false negative pregnancy test or If the egg is not attached to the uterus It could mean the fetus will not survive so that's why it would have came up negative or its a tubal pregnancy which means the fetus is forming in the ovarian tubes which could cause miscarrage or VERY complicated pregnancy

You are about 4 days late for your period and your pregnancy test is negative?

It might be because its to soon for it to show

Will a pregnancy test show negative if you miscarried?

Eventually, but your hormones need to return to normal first.

How long can a pregnancy test show negative when actually pregnant?

Most home pregnancy tests should be accurate from around 2 weeks after ovulation (coinciding with the time your period is due). If it shows negative at this point and you still miss your period, wait another week and retest. Pregnancy tests test for a hormone called HCG which basically doubles every day in early pregnancy, so after around 3 weeks of negative testing, you are probably not pregnant. If in doubt go to the doctor and get a blood test which will prove for definite eitherway.

Can your pregnancy test show negative even if pregnant?

Yes unfortunately. In early pregnancy there may not be enough of certain hormones in your body for the test to be positive.

Can you have negative pregnancy test and period but still be pregnant?

There are always pregnancy tests that can show up negative and you can still be pregnant. The best thing to do is check with your doctor and ask for a pregnancy test. Remember though even the doctor's test can even be wrong. There is not one single pregnancy test that is always 100% correct.

How long does it take for hcg show up in urine?

You can dectect hcg in urine as soon as you miss a period or sooner, but very small quanities, however further into the pregnancy the hcg is higher. so if you test early in pregnancy and have a negative result this may be because not enough hcg was traced, early pregnancy tests are better done in the morning with the first urine of the day.

Can a pregnancy test prove negative and an ultra scan prove positive for pregnancy and what may cause that?

There are several reasons a home pregnancy test may show negative and and ultrasound show positive. The test could be faulty, you may have used the test incorrectly, the urine sample may have been heavily diluted, you may have tested too soon.

Can a woman be pregnant and have a negative hcg test?

Yes. Your pregnancy may be too early to show up on the test.

What if my pregnancy test was negative but I have pregnancy symptoms?

Wait a few days and take another test. It's possible you got a false negative, or you just don't have enough of the pregnancy hormone in your urine to show up positive. The hormone doubles each day, so if you are still experiencing pregnancy symptoms in 5-10 days, take another test. If it's still negative and you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, seek medical advice.

Why would a test show negative when 20wks pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests only measure hCG (the pregnancy hormone) up to a certain level. If you hCG levels are higher than what the tests reads then you can end up with a false negative.

Can pregnancy tests give a false negative?

Yes a pregnancy test can show negative when you actually are pregnant. The most common false negative happens when there is not enough of the pregnancy hormone HGH to be detected as in early pregnancy. This is why some tests come with another test so that you may retest later. Concentrations of the hormone are higher and easier to detect when you first wake up before you drink anything or go to the bathroom.

How long does it take to show that you are pregnant?

You should wait til you miss the first day of your period then take a at home pregnancy test

If you have a miscarriage will a pregnancy test still show positive?

Until all the hormones are washed from your body, you can still show positive on an OTC pregnancy test. The earlier you miscarry the sooner the test will become negative as there are fewer hormones in the body.

Can a pregnancy test be negative and still be pregnant?

Yes sometimes you do not have high enough HCG levels for the test to show postive.

How soon should you do a pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test around the time you miss your period. Most people who are pregnant will likely show positive on a test a couple days prior to their expected period.

Do urine tests at the doctors offices show negative sometimes?

Yes. IF your HGC levels are not high enough it will read as a non pregnancy