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I hope you didn't decide to taper off the medication without medical supervision. There may or may not be enought med left in your system to control a seizure, but probably not. If you're at risk for seizure you shouldn't be discontinuing your seizure med :-)


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Depakote is normally taken for seizures. So if your depakote level is low that means you need more in your system to keep you from having a seizure. It is also used for bi-polar disorder.

Depakote is an anti-seizure medication. It is not a narcotic.

No, Depakote is an anti-seizure medicine, and cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant.

It can also be used to control symptoms in bipolar disorder.

The defense might claim that the defendant wasn't in control of himself and was not responsible for his actions at the time the alleged seizure was taking place. Whether the judge or jury believes this defense is problematic.

Anti-seizure, Anti-manic, Anti-migraine.

dilantin lamictal neurontin depakote

Yes. In fact, Depakote (an anti-convulsant) is a treatment for one of the more concerning side effects of Wellbutrin (seizure).

No, depakote is an antiseizure/mood stabilizer/antimigraine medication.In bipolar patients in manic psychosis or depressive psychosis it may help end the psychosis by ending the mood episode, but its only acting indirectly. A antipsychotic should also be prescribed in these situations to directly control the psychosis.

Like most animals with a nervous system it is possible for them to have seizures due to a disease or disorder.

No. A panic attack is caused by an emotional disorder, while a seizure is caused by a physical condition. If you were having a seizure you would not be aware of things around you, nor would you have any control over your body. In a panic attack you are extremely aware of your body and your surroundings, and have control of your body.

Depakote is used to treat seizure disorders, psychiatric conditions, and migraine headaches. The psychiatric conditions that are treated include manic depression and bipolar disorders.

It is listed therapeutically for seizure disorder.

Flashing white lights aren't symptoms of seizure disorder, they're what many people believe to be the cause of seizures.

Staring at something won't give you a seizure. Flashing lights have been known to cause seizure activity in those who already have a seizure disorder.

Strokes in and of themselves can cause the person to have seizures. Depakote is an antiepileptic med, so it helps reduce or eliminate the possibilty of seizure in those affected by strokes.

You will need to taper the dosage, reduce it gradually, not quit it all at once, and you should do it under a doctor's care. Quitting Depakote all at once or too fast can cause you to have a SEVERE seizure, even if you have NEVER had a seizure before. See the Related Link.

Approximately 1.5 million persons in the United States suffer from a type of seizure disorder.

Klonopin is used to treat seizure disorders or panic disorder.

Unfortunately, yes, it is possible for a young dog to have a seizure and die either during the seizure or just after the seizure is over. You need to take your dog in to be seen by your Veterinarian. Medications can be given by your Vet to control the seizures. Each time your dog has a seizure, brain cells are destroyed. Take your dog immediately to a Veterinarian.

Klonopin is a drug that is used to treat panic disorder and seizure disorders.

It will depend on the specific department's medical requirements, but if the disorder is properly controlled you will have a much better chance.Added; Despite the optimistic tone of the above answer - it is HIGHLY doubtful that you could pass the physical or background screening with a history of seizure disorder.Imagine what might happen if you were to be struck at a vital moment, your life, and the lives of your fellow officers, or members of the public might placed be in jeapordy. As a possible alternative, have you considered studying to be a civilian CSI (forensic technician)?k

A petit mal seizure will not kill a person.

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