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If you take the sim card out of your iphone then you wont have service peroid. Doesnt matter if the sim card is out and you have no service on your phone, your still paying no matter what.

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Can you transfer info from old phone to new phone yourself?

no i dont think so. you will have to take it into the phone companys local shop un less the phone has a sim card and you have saved everything on the phone to that. then just change sim cards

If cell phone GPS will track your Sim card or your actual phone If you leave your phone somewhere and take the Sim card with you will it track the Sim card or the phone?

The GPS tracker is in the phone, not the card. But when you use that sim card in another phone the identity of the sim card will give away the location of the new phone - which then can be tracked by its GPS.

How do get the SIM card out of a phone?

1. Take the back door off of the phone 2. Remove the battery 3. Take out the sim card

If i put my sim card into my phone and then take it out will my contacts still be in that phone?

it can or can not be it depends on your phone IT depends if you saved it to the sim card or the phone because you can do both

How do Iget SIM card out?

take it out of the phone

If you take the sim card out will it reset everything?

No it will not reset the phone. However, should you take the SIM card with it still in the phone you will not be able to access any of your photos, music or apps that are saved to the SIM card. Taking a SIM card out while a phone is on is not known to do heavy damage to your phone, but excessive removal might make your SIM card unreadable after time.

How do you use the MicroSD card slot in cell phones?

You simply take a MicroSD card and place it in the slot. That way, if the card is compatible with the phone in question, the phone should recognize it and you can then load data from it onto your phone, or save data onto the card from your phone.

How do you send pictures from the Nintendo DSi to a cell phone?

get a micro sd card and a micro sd card to sd card adapter. before you take a picture click sd card then take ur picture, take out adapter, take out micro sd card, stick it in ur fone. if you do not have a slot for a micro sd card, YOU FAIL AND YOU CAN NEVER "SEND PICTURES FROM THE NINTENDO DSi TO A CELL PHONE"!!!!!!!!!!!! (unless you get a different phone of course)

Can you use a sim card in an unlocked phone?

If the phone is unlocked you can use a sim card from any service provider, as long as the phone is built to take sim cards.

Will phone take messages without sim?

If your phone is a GSM phone, then it would not take messages without a SIM card on the phone. It would not even work without it.

How do you take the sim card out of a lg vx5200?

it depends on which provider you have some cellular phone providers give you the phone with the sim card in it behind a plastic sheath and they take care of the transfer.

Can people take your sim card from a metro PCS and use it?

NO. The SIM card is NOT a normal SIM card, its only for that particular phone and for use on MetroPCS's LTE network it was activated with. If its taken out to be used in another phone, it deactivates, rendering the phone and card useless.

How do you take off call waiting on your cell phone?

Dont really know, because it depends on the phone and i do not know what phone you have

If you take your sim card out of your cell phone just for a second what will get deleted?

No. It will just take several seconds to load when you put it back into your phone.

Why will messages from my phone not send?

Sometimes you have to take your sim card out and put it back in. If that doesn't work,take it to your local phone store and they will fix it.

How do you transfer music from your old phone to new phone?

You transfer music from your old phone to your new phone is to take your Sim card out of the old phone and put it in the your new phone

On the juke where is the memory card?

the memory card is in the battery like if you take of the back its right there o ya i have that phone

Can you put your sim card in another phone and you can see your contact number?

Yes, you should be able to. Ofcourse, you would have to take the sims card that belongs in the other phone out.

How do you fix a Pantech matrix with a white screen?

Turn off the phone. Take out the battery and sim card for 30 seconds. Place the battery and sim card back in the phone, plug in the charger and turn it on. Unplug the charger, take the battery and sim card back out.

Can you take the Sim card out of your existing boost mobile phone and put it in another cell phone and have it work?

Yes you can, but when you put it in, make sure that the silver squares on the back dont get scratched on the conector or it might explode. Don't learn the hard way....

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