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I was on seroquel for quite sometime and I know that everyone reacts differently to the medication. But for me I got very sleepy and almost passed out. I could not function and all I could do was lay there. I was not drunk, but between the medication and two beers, my body didn't handle it well. I would advise against drinking any alcohol while taking psych meds. If you want them to work and you want to get better, alcohol will not aid in that process.

AnswerSeroquel taken in low doses has proven to be more sedating. SO... taking 25mg and drinking will probably intensify the effect of both the alcohol and the med. Providing you get far enough to finish the drink...LOL AnswerI take 50mg of seroquel and i have had a few drinks on the odd occasion. I have been absolutely fine. I think it's a case of trial and error, it might affect you it might not. In any case if you want to drink fine, but just remember in moderation as alcohol is a depressant in itself, which never helps if you're needing to take the meds in the first place.


I am a teenager and am taking 50 mg of seroquel. Me and some friends were hanging out and i had about, well i don't know i was sipping form the bottle lol but i had enough to the point where i would be normally drunk. But because i am taking the seroquel i didnt get drunk i just got very tired, i could hardly keep my head up much less join in the conversation so i went and slept in my friends bed for about 2 hours and when i woke up i was basically ok, still a bit tired but overall fine. i also talked to my brother who is a pharmacist and told him my experience and he STRONGLY recomends not to drink and take seroquel as it makes the alcohol very dangerouse for your liver, and other organs that i cannot remember.

well i hope this helps : ]


I took THREE 300 mg sequel and drank E and J. I can't remember anything i did, i cant even remember leaving my "friends" house. i cant remember being sexually active either. I pretty much blacked out that night and i cant even remember throwing up that night. The next morning i was in a hateful mood too. I get headaches on my left side of my head and sometimes the left side of my body will like feel different. i don't think that is normal either.

The next weekend i took just one half of a 400mg sequel, and drank some vodka. I passed out again, and I can remember the night but i threw up. That pill DOES NOT mix well with liquor.You probably have a chance of backing out and your mental heath will most likely not be the same.

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Q: If you took 25 mg of Seroquel and drank alcoholic beverages what could happen?
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