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if one test came out positive you are pregnant..if none came back positive and you still haven't gotten your period then get to your doctor for a blood test which is 100% accurate hope everything works out for you Good Lucka nd God Bless!~!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-18 05:21:25
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Q: If you took a pregnancy test and there is a faint line then a few hours it become a dark thinner blue line but then took 2 tests that turned neg after you were 3 days late?
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Pregnancy test faint blue line?

As long as there is a line in the result window, even if faint, it is positive for pregnancy.

I looked at my pregnancy test after 2 hours of doing it there was a very very faint line am i pregnant?

yes ,the line appears very very faint in the early stages of pregnancy

You saw a faint spec on pregnancy test could you be pregnant?

Well, it depends if you have two faint lines then yes you are pregnant. HCG levels in your system is not as high. This situation happened to me before in 2004. I had to take 6 pregnancy tests to be sure cause they were so faint. I went to the clinic and they did the pregnancy tests and it came out faint, but I was pregnant. If not sure then schedule appointment to see the doctor.

What Do I Do When I Have A Faint Line On My Pregnancy Test?

go and see a doctor

Could you be pregnant there is a faint line on pregnancy test?


What does it mean when the lines on a pregnancy test is faint?

Any time there is a line where the positive line should be, no matter how faint, is regarded as a positive result. It can be faint because the hCG levels are very low if taken very early in pregnancy or if the baby is not producing adequate levels.

Faint negative line on pregnancy test?

My positive line on my test was very daughter is now 15 months old!!!!!!!!!!

Can faint is sign of pregnancy?

I think you would know if you were pregnant,idiot.

What does a faint negative line on a pregnancy test mean?

My positive line on my test was very faint. You probably are pregnant. You might consider retesting.

What does it mean when you have a faint blue line and a dark blue line on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant

Can 2 positive pregnancy tests with a faint line be pregnancy?

Okay, if you can see there is two lines, but one is very faint, that is a 50% chance that it is. It could also be from sitting too long, as tests can become positive after a while. This is not what I understand. I was told that any line at all = positive, as the HCG that the test measures isn't in your body unless you're pregnant.

You took a CVS brand early home pregnancy test Two blue lines means positive One is very very faint though Is it positive no matter how faint one of the lines is?

Yes. Normally, only pregnancy hormones produce two blue lines, even if one is faint.

What are your chances of pregnancy if you've had 1 positive pregnancy test and 1 with a faint line and 4 that are negative?

Home pregnancy tests are extremely accurate if done correctly. They need to be done with the first urine passed in the morning. If you did all the tests on the same day the morning one would be (correctly) positive, then the rest would become increasingly faint as you had drinks during the day and your urine became weaker. If all the tests were done on early morning urine then perhaps you have had an early miscarriage. Is this the order it happened in? Positive, faint, negative?

What does a faint negative pregnancy test mean?

It means you should take another one

Very faint line after 10 minutes on pregnancy test could I be pregnant?


What if one line on the pregnancy test is faint?

Beta hcg level is 5.3 what does mean?"

What if you tested twice on pregnancy test and both were faint positives am I pregnant?

yes, you are pregnant!

What if a pregnancy test shows one dark line and one faint line?

You are pregnant

Is something wrong if 3 hpts were faint and then dark and then faint and all were taken in the morning?

Hi there. No nothing is wrong sweetheart. The pregnancy tests were faint then clear because depending on when you urinated, the HCG would of be much less than when you got a dark positive. So dont worry. This is perfectly normal. Congratulations on your pregnancy. :O)

Does a very faint light line on a pregnancy test mean you pregnant?

Yes, it does. Even a very faint line is a positive, and false positives are very rare. However, to be absolutely sure, I suggest getting another pregnancy test done at the doctor's.

Does a faint positive lines mean early pregnacie?

Any line that indicates that you are positive even a faint line means that pregnancy horomones were detected so you are pregnant.

What is it when there is 1 dark line and 1 faint line on a pregnancy test mean?

It depends on the pregnancy test, but usually it means a positive results. Congrats!

Is it a bad thing if you have done 3 home pregnancy tests and them all come up with a faint positive line on them even when you have done them a week apart?

This happened to a friend of mine. Turned out she was not pregnant but actually diabetic. Go see your doctor

You are having morning sickness could you be pregnant last month had a faint positive pregnancy result?

Even a faint positive is a positive. And false positives are very rare. You are pregnant.

If home pregnancy test had a faint positive am i pregnant?

Absolutely. You most likely are. A faint line just means that the hormone is not real pronounced. False positives are not very common.