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You should act like you have never taken Birth Control before as far as protection goes. Start taking birth control just like you did for the first time you started taking birth control (if you have forgotten, read the instruction pamphlet with your pills) and use a back up contraceptive (condom) for the first 30 days before having sex without a condom.

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Will you have a normal period the first month you get off birth control?

It's very unlikely that you'd have a normal period the first month off birth control (I'm assuming by 'birth control' what you actually mean is the combination pill - please don't use these terms interchangeably, there are many forms of birth control!). Your first 'period' will be your withdrawal bleed as normal, but after that it may take a few months to get a real period again. It can also take up to 12 months for your cycles to regulate again once you stop using hormonal birth control.

I took birth control for a year but stopped for a month is it possible to miss a period after not taking birth control for a month?

It matters what birth control....Depo you can miss a period. And the pill stays in your system for 2 to 3 months after you stop taking it. Some girls miss a period as a growing month.

Is it possible to fall pregnant if you off your birth control pills for a month after being on them for 9 months?

Yes, if you don't take birth control pills daily, you can get pregnant. This is true even if you were on for nine months before stopping.

What to epect for being off birth control for a month?

Menstruation and you are fertile again, everything back to normal.

What are the odds that you will get pregnant 4 days into a new birth control?

Higher than if you had been taken the birth control regularly for a few months. Most doctors recommend a second form of birth control in addition to the pill in the first month.

I've been on oral birth control for 2 months now and I just had my period and started the pill back up again how long should I wait to have unprotected sex again?

You can have unprotected sex any time since you've been on birth control for over a month. However I would still recommend using condoms.

Does your period amount vary month to month while on birth control?

It shouldn't, maybe the first couple months but many women use it to regulate their cycle.

Can you get pregnant if you don't take the birth control for a month?

Yes you can get pregnant if you have vaginal sex and have not taken birth control for 1 month.

Can you skip a month of birth control pills?

Yes, but it is not recommended. If you do decide to skip your birth control for a month be sure to use a back-up method such as condoms, to prevent pregnancy because all the hormones from the birth control will be depleted from your system. Skipping your birth control may also cause unwanted side effects as well, such as: late or irregular periods, or spotting or breakthrough bleeding. When you do begin taking you birth control again, be sure to wait at least 2 months before you have unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It is not good to skip your birth control or take frequent breaks either. If you do find that the pill is not for you, you should consult your doctor to find a method that is better for you.

How long will it take 2 get pregnant after taking birth control 7 months ago?

On average, it takes six months to get pregnant, whether or not a woman has been on the birth control pill. Some couples will get pregnant the first month after stopping the pill, and others will take a year, but six months is the average.

Why do you have your period 3 times in a month and plus iam taking birth control?

In the first three months of using hormonal birth control, a woman may have irregular bleeding. This side effect improves with time.

How long does it take your body to get used to the birth control pill?

Basically the birth control pill takes anywhere from a month to three or four months, depending on how your body accepts the pill. Im sure about this if your on orthotricyclen lo. Not really sure about other birth control methods.

How long does birth control stays in your body if you've only used it correctly for one month?

It doesn't. If you are trying to become pregnant, it may take a few months for ovulation to begin happening at a regular interval again. However, if you are having unprotected sex and do not want a pregnancy, you need another form of birth control.

Ive been on birth control and had miss period last month and this month you still havent started should you change your pill or are you pregnant?

Buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy, they are fairly accurate, so if you have missed 2 periods in 2 months you may be pregnant, it will be better to check with a doctor to put your mind at ease. AND, always use birth control or a condom and you won't have to worry about this again.

What month do goats give birth?

Any month five months after they were joined.

How many women are still fertal enough to get pregnant after a month without birth control?

About 90% of women can get pregnant after a month without birth control.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you have been off the depo shot for a month and only took one week of birth control pills and had unprotected sex 5 times?

all women are different. I was on it two years with not one period. I tried for six months after stopping the depo and finally went to the Dr. the had me do 3 months of birth control to regulate myself. I did get pregnant the first month off of birth control though. did you have a period during your depo?

Why would I have my period twice in a month and on birth control?

Birth control can cause this to happen don't worry

Can you be on birth control for a month and stop and get pregnant?

Assuming that you are having unprotected sex you are at a higher risk to get pregnant anytime that you are not taking birth control. Also birth control is only really effective when it has been taken consistently for 3 months every day at or close to the same time of day.

What does it mean when you get your period twice in one month while on birth control?


When you only have your period every four months because of birth control do you still ovulate every month?

No, the point of birth control is so that your body will not ovulate so that you will not get pregnant. Your period is withdrawal bleeding, which is not the same as regular periods.

Is it normal to not have a period the month after you stop taking birth control pills?

Yes, it can be. It takes your body a few weeks to "kick in" again. You have been taking hormones to control your period and now your body has to take over again.

Will birth control stop working if you dont take it for a few months then start again?

Once you stop taking birth control, within 7 days of stopping it you will begin to ovulate and put yourself at risk of pregnancy. Before you re-start birth control, perform a pregnancy test. If the test is negative, you can re-start birth control. If the test is positive, see your Doctor for confirmation. When you re-start birth control, you cannot have unprotected sex until you've been on birth control for one whole month. So until this time you need to use a condom for 4 weeks.

How long dies the birth control shot take to clear your system?

It can take anywhere from 1 month to 18 months....so my doctor says :/

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