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Better check with your parole officer. You may have to serve out the rest of your sentance.

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Statute of limitations on a felony probation for check forgery in Texas?

Violating probation will result in a warrant, arrest and probably jail. There is no statute of limitations for a warrant.

I have an out of state warrant for violation of probation. Probation has expired can I fight from here.?

If you have an out of state warrant for probation vialation, you must present yourself in that state to have it takin care of.

Does a Tennessee violation of probation warrant end?

No. If you violated the terms of your sentence by violating it, you never satisfactorily completed your sentence.

Is a warrant issued for something different result in a probation violation?

Question is unclear - but - are you asking what will happen if you are on probation and commit another offense for which an arrest warrant is issued (???) - It most likely will result in your violating your probation for the original sentence and very probably mean that you could be remanded to jail for violation of parole (VOP).

What is a felony warrant for violation probation in Arkansas?

This would be a probation violation warrant for a person who was on felony probation.

What is a probation warrant?

A probation warrant is issued when a person violates the terms of their probation. The warrant is issued by the court and the person must appear to explain their actions to the judge.

What is a VOP warrant?

Violation of Probation Warrant

Is a warrant issued for a probation violation a felony warrant?

If the offense you were found guilty of when you received your probation sentence was a felony, then your violation will be a felony warrant.

What is a blue warrant?

A blue warrant is a violation of probation/parole

Can my daughter be violating her probation after being charged with another crime but found innocent in a jury trial?

My daughter was on probation for petty theft in riverside county, ca. Then she was at Disneyland with friends and family and was charged with another petty theft, it went to jury trial and she was proven innocent on both charges, for violating and the petty theft. Now when she called riverside courts to see about have her record expunged, because as far as she knew she should have been off probation. She then is told that she has a warrant for violating her probation. She also was never contacted about this in any way, we thought it was all over.

Can a probation officer lift a hold on you if you are in jail with new charges but not yet convicted?

If it is the probation officer's warrant then yes, but they probably will not. If it is the judge's warrant the probation officer cannot.

Does your probation officer have to tell you i have warrant before your next visit?

No. It is your probation officer's responsibilty to have you taken into custody on the warrant when you report. If your officer told you you have a warrant, then you may not report.

If you have a warrant when you finally get arrested do you have to get on probation?

Probation or jail, or jail and then probation, it depends upon the judge.

Will a probation violation result in a warrant issued?

Possibly. Your probation officer has all the power. If they feel you are a danger to the community they CAN violate your probation and if you fail to come in voluntarly, a warrant will be issued.

Can old warrant violate probation?

It's POSSIBLE. Because. . ., if the judge knew you you had an outstanding criminal warrant at the time he gave you a lenient sentence of probation. . . he might not have offered you probation in the first place.

What is a vop warrant in Maryland?

Violation Of Probation

Will you go to jail with a white warrant?

Yes. A "white warrant" means a warrant issued for a parole/probation revocation.

If you are on felony probation in the state of tn and if a probation home search do they still have to have a search warrant?


If you are on probation and get charged with a misdemeanor will you violate probation when you get charged or when you get convicted?

if you are on probation and get violated with a drug charge what is the jail time you are facing also you had a warrant for your arrest.Added; You will probably be "violated" at the time you are arrested and charged. They're not going to let you stay out on probation if you can't keep yourself out of criminal situations.

Is a failure to appear in probation warrant in camden county Georgia a county or state wide warrant?

a probation warrant or a failure to appear warrant would be state wide and it could be valid in other states, depending the extradtion limits put into the system

Is a failure to appear in probation warrant in mansfield Ohio a county or state wide warrant?


Can your probation officer serve you a warrant at your home?


Can arrest warrant be issued after probation ends?


Can a probation officer arrest you on a magistrate warrant?

In many states, probation officers are sworn law enforcement officers so, yes, they can arrest you on a properly issued warrant.

What is the statute of limitations for misdemeanor violation of probation warrant in Florida?

Unfortunately there is NO statue of limitations on a Warrant. I think you have this mixed up with a Statute of Limitation on the actual Crime you were placed on probation for.