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Depending on what you want to know, I have two answers...

1. If you unwound and tied together the strands of DNA in one of your cells, it would stretch up to six feet, but they would only be 50 trillionths of an inch.

2. If you could unwrap the DNA you have in all the cells in your body, you would be able to reach the moon and back 6,000 times.

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Q: If you uncoiled the DNA in a human cell how long would it be?
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If your DNA could be removed from a cell uncoiled and stretched how long would it be?

It would be about 2 meters long. (National Institute of Health)

How long would all the uncoiled DNA in one cell be?

from earth to the sun and back 30 times

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Long strands of DNA that are uncoiled?

Chromatin are long, uncoiled strands of DNA. Chromatin contain the genetic information of the cell. Cytoplasm is the clear fluid or gel that surrounds the organelles outside the nucleus.

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How long would humans intestines be if they were uncoiled from the body?

i have no clue, move along.

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What is a long uncoiled strands of DNA called?


How long is a french horn uncoiled?

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How long is french horn uncoiled?

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How long does a human egg cell live for?

Following ovulation how long can a human egg cell survive?

How long does a human skin cell stay in cytokinesis?

.cytokinesis in stay cell skin human a does long how

When DNA is uncoiled and spread throughout the nucleus in long thin strands?


How long is the cell cycle of a human liver cell?

The human liver cells replace every 200 days. and I'm not so sure about the cell cycle of the human liver cell...

How long would the DNA from a single human cell be if it were stretched out?

If stretched out from a single cell, the DNA would be about 2-3m long. The total length of DNA present in one adult human cell is calculated by the multiplication of: (length of 1 base pair)*(number of base pair per cell) = (0.34 × 10^-9 m)(6 × 10^9) on average.

How long do human skin cells stay in interphase?

How long does a human skin cell stay in interphase?

How long is DNA if you stretch it out?

Surprisingly, despite the cell being so small that you can't see it with the naked eye, and therefore the nucleus (where the DNA is stored) is even smaller than that, complete DNA strands, if unwound and uncoiled would measure 2 meters!! that's over 6 feet long

How long does it take a human cell to undergo cell division?

It takes about 12-24 hours for a typical human cell(somatic cell) to fully undergo mitosis.

If you took the entire DNA from all of your cells and uncoiled it how long it would be?

stretch to all around the planet Earth

How long is the life span of a human skin cell?

the human skin cell lives for 27 hours 36.5 mins

How long is an egg cell?

9 months for a human

Where in a human cell would you find DNA?

DNA is a series of amino acids that are strung together to form a long strand, these form the chromosomes, which are located in the nucleus of the cell.