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No. The closure of the account was a valid action by the bank and therefore the CS entry is also valid and will remain for the required 5 years.


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To write a letter to a bank about the wrong cheque amount being deposited into your account, you should provide as much information as possible. Include information on whether the error is to your benefit or not, and how much should have been deposited into your account instead.

You have to register for a PayPal account and provide the required information. Then, the account is activated. When a buyer pays for your item, the money is deposited in your PayPal account.

A check stamp is used for endorsing checks. They are usually for businesses and will have the information of the account it will be deposited into, such as account number and name or business on the account.

Yes money can be deposited in account when frozen but cannot be taken out.

deposited money is credited to your concern bank account

is it possible for money to be deposited in an inactive bank account

Paypal gave you false information, then accepted a fraudulent email, and then I would contact an attorney. For that amount of money, you should set up an escrow account as a safeguard

Yes, a check can be deposited into a minor's account. The adult listed on the account may have to be the one to deposit the checks.

It is likely all parties involved, the forger, purchaser and depositer will be held accountable until it can be proven otherwise. The fraudulent use of a cashier's check is a federal crime, it would be advisable for anyone having a connection or knowledge of the event obtain legal advice or representation and not volunteer information regarding the issue.

Yes, as both account holders both own all of the assets deposited within the account, and regardless of who deposited what.

Talk to your bank or your local credit union to see if they offer a Christmas savings account where money can be either deposited by you or automatically withdrawn and deposited to your account. Also, ask friends and family if they know or have used such a service.

Diana has her paycheck deposited directly from her employers account into her checking account. This is an example of what?

It depends on many factors. If the fraudulent account was actually being paid on time, then it might negatively affect your credit score if it were closed. BUT most fraud cases usually end up with the fraudster NOT PAYING the account, which causes late payments and collections. If the creditor agrees the account was fraudulent, then they should REMOVE the account, not just simply show it as "closed". If they haven't done this, you need to dispute this with the credit bureas. Check out this site I've found with lots of helpful information.

A letter to a credit card company regarding fraudulent charges will need to include the name, date, and amount f the charges. The letter will also include the account information.

If you have a bank account and are trying to deposit a check, you will have to sign the back of that check. If the back is not signed, it cannot be deposited or cashed.

A bounced check. Probably a check that you deposited into your account was no good so the bank returned it and deducted the money from your account.

I deposited the cheque into my bank account. I made a deposit on the new T.V. set.

Yes. All sorts of fraudulent activities can lead to a checking account being frozen. The bank may temporarily freeze the account if they suspect fraudulent activities in the accounts transactions. And, the bank can permanently freeze the account if there is a legal advice from law enforcement agencies reg. your account

If you did not use the credit line then you are not responsible for any debt incurred due to the fraudulent act. If you did use the account then you are considered a co-conspirator and are legally liable for any charges made and penalties, fees assessed. Such incidents can be deemed criminal and/or civil issues.

A bank account is a fund deposited by a customer into a bank from which they can make withdrawals.

It Depends:Yes you can - If you are a joint holder of your dads accountNo you cannot - If your dad is the only holder of his accountThis is because, a check can be deposited only into the account that is fully or jointly held by the person to whom the check is issued.

Bad is your decision, but it is probably illegal to provide false information to create an account. Recently a lady was arrested for using fraudulent information to create an account at a social networking site (like facebook or myspace) because the site required the information for access. Because the information was false, the access to the site was illegal.

A person can write a check to another person and have it deposited into another account. The check should have the persons name on it and then have it deposited by visiting their bank.

1.some others errors may be created when locating errors in the control account. 2.there maybe more fraudulent activities in the control account if it is not well scrutiny.

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