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No it will never harm your baby.

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Q: If you vomit while pregnant does it harm the baby?
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Can flour harm baby while pregnant?

No. Flour will not harm your baby while pregnant.

Can cyclosporine harm baby when pregnant?

Can cyclosporine harm the baby while 31 weeks pregnant?

You took cocaine while pregnant will this harm the baby?

Yes...using cocain ( a schedule I drug) while pregnant not only can, but it will harm the baby.

Does having intercourse while your pregnant harm the baby?

you have to be careful x

Can Coughing a lot while pregnant harm your baby?

No that's a normal condition and can not hurt the baby.

When douching while pregnant can it harm the baby?

Douching while pregnant cannot harm the baby directly, however douching can sometimes lead to yeast infections. Yeast infections also do not harm the baby directly, however they can get thrush (yeast infection in their mouth) if you give birth while infected.

Is it ok to get your lip waxed while pregnant?

Yes,this will in no way harm your baby.

Can using saliva for lube while having intercourse harm your baby while your pregnant?

No. It is one of the easily available lubricant and it will not harm you.

Can you harm your baby while still being pregnant?

the most harm you can do to your baby ,excluding personnal injury, are smoking and uncontrolled drug or alchohol.

If you rode a 4wheeler while 8 months pregnant will it harm the baby?

if you wreck. haha

Is it harmful while im pregnant to own a dog?

no it won't harm the dog or you or the baby

Will eating liverwurst while pregnant harm the baby?

No, liver is good for you and packed with iron.

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