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Either one might be an appropriate choice. At my undergraduate university, "pre med" was not a major, although there were plenty of pre health professions students. They majored in Biology, biochemistry, and a diversity of other subjects. A friend of mine who was pre med studied math! Most campuses have an advisors to help you with chosing appropriate courses to prepare for a career in the health sciences, but you can expect to take at a minimum: Physics General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Biochemistry zoology Physiology Cell Biology English Before specializing in obstetrics, a student must first become an M.D., and to do that requires medical school, and to get in you need to take the MCAT. This is a standardized test that measures your understanding of the above topics. Additional courses that will help you in your career: psychology a foreign language business Internship units -- get experience or exposure. You can't usually get much hands on practice at this level but many doctors or hospitals will accept student volunteers or allow students to "shadow" doctors for course credit.

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Q: If you want to be an obstetrician should you major in pre-med or Biology?
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What kind of courses should you take in high school if you want to become a neurologist and would it be better to major in neuroscience or premed?

Premed is not a major. You can major in neuroscience but it would be best to take it as a minor and major in biology.

What should I major in if I want to be an orthodontist?

You need to take premed courses if you want to get into a good dental school. Generally that means you major in biology.

What do you have to major in to become a obstetrician?

You have to major in biology chemistry or health science

What should your major be if you wanted to become an obstetrician?

A major in Biology, Chemistry, or Health Science would be helpful to get a good start in medical school. These courses for these majors are recommended.

What should you take to become an obstetrician?

There's no one major specifically, but it would tend to be pre-med or the sciences. In other words, things like chemistry or biology.

A typical major to become a dermatologist?

You could major in things like Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Some schools also have a PreMed program- but check because not all schools will let you use that as your major

Spanish major premed?

A person with a Spanish major who wants to be pre-med will need to focus on additional classes that will help with med school. Such classes include chemistry, biology, and math.

How do you get a bachelor of medicine?

You would need to major in premed.

So I plan to be a doctor maybe a surgeon What is the difference between majoring in premed and anatomy or biology and can you still get into med school if you don't major in premed?

pre-med is the major you need to fufill because it gives you all the presiquites course you need to apply to medical school biology is a field of study and antomony is a course you take if you major in the sciences believe it or not biochemistry or chemistry is a excellent major to help prepare you to medical school it fufills all the requirements studies have shown that chemistry and physical science majors to better on the mcat the biology majors.

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Would it be favorable for me to Minor in Psychology and become certified in Data Visualization-Analysis in college as a biology Premed major or to just focus on bio?

Try both majors first and then concentrate on what is most interesting to you.

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