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If you want to be an obstetrician should you major in pre-med or Biology?



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Either one might be an appropriate choice. At my undergraduate university, "pre med" was not a major, although there were plenty of pre health professions students. They majored in biology, biochemistry, and a diversity of other subjects. A friend of mine who was pre med studied math! Most campuses have an advisors to help you with chosing appropriate courses to prepare for a career in the health sciences, but you can expect to take at a minimum: Physics General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Biochemistry Zoology Physiology Cell Biology English Before specializing in obstetrics, a student must first become an M.D., and to do that requires medical school, and to get in you need to take the MCAT. This is a standardized test that measures your understanding of the above topics. Additional courses that will help you in your career: psychology a foreign language business Internship units -- get experience or exposure. You can't usually get much hands on practice at this level but many doctors or hospitals will accept student volunteers or allow students to "shadow" doctors for course credit.