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It depends on what is wrong with it. Take it to a good garage.

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Q: If you want to repair the AC in a 93 Saturn SL1 how do you do it?
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Will a 94 Saturn SL1 engine work in a 95 Saturn Sl1?

exact fit fir the sohc engine is 93 or 94 only

93 Saturn sl1 driver window?

your stupid buddy

What is the oil capacity for a 1993 Saturn?

I have a '93 sl1. It usually takes 4 quarts with the filter

Where is the erg valve on a 93 Saturn sl1?

Top right side of engine as you stand in front of the car

Are there 2 thermostats on a 93 Saturn SL1 Dual Overhead Cam?

First of all if it is an sl1 it is not a Dual overhead cam It is a single overhead cam Either engine only has 1 t-stat

What tools do you use to change an altenator on a 93 Saturn SL1?

I was able to watch a mechanic change the alternator on my 93 Saturn sl1 and it wasnt pretty. Unlike the easy to change alternators like the dodge stratus (alternator in FRONT, on TOP and in plain sight), the Saturn sl1's alternator is between the motor and the passenger cabin (hidden and underneath). What tools do you use??? A lift for starters. It took my mechanic about 2 hours to do the job and he was swearing and cussing the entire time. I sincerely suggest that you have a professional do the job.

Can a 93 Saturn coupe EGR Value be used on a 93 Saturn SL1?

Hey RobOnly if it has the same number. GoodluckJoe Hey rob It won't fit because the holes in it are totally different ! is straight across other is diamond shaped sorry

Where is the radio fuse in your 1991 Saturn SL1 fuse box?

i had a 93 SL1, and the fuse panel wuz on the passenger side of the radio unit.... i had to pull off one of the side panels to get to it... it should be right beside the shifter

Does a 93 Saturn sl1 have a you-joint?

No, technically, front wheel drive vehicles have "CV" (Constant Velocity) joints. Saturns have 2 on each side.

What is the name is of the automatic transmission in a 93 Saturn SL1 1.9l sohc?

It's Either an MP6 or an MP7 An Identification code is stamped on top of trasaxle case.

Why is your 93 Saturn smoking?

I do not have a 93. I have a 97...

How do you check for a loose connection on the starter of a 93 Saturn SL1?

You have someone try to start it while you look at it. If it jiggles, Then you know it is too loose but if it dosent, then it is just your car battery

Where is the starter relay on a 93 Saturn SC2?

A 93 Saturn does not have a stater relay.

What is the average idle speed for a 93 Saturn sl1?

stock idle speed with transmission in Nutural should be 550rpm. they allow a +/- 100 Rpm, so a range of 450-650rpm is normal.

How much does it cost to fix a timing chain of a 93 Saturn SL1?

Hey Sheila==Call a couple of local garages as it varies as to where you live. GoodluckJoe I had mine replaced for 800

What tools do you use to change an alternator on a 93 Saturn SL1?

You'll need some metric sockets. 3/8" drive will be fine. Maybe a small extension and the ratchet. Not to many tools involved.

Can you put R134a in a 93 SL1?

No, unless the a/c has been converted to r134a

Which Saturn model years engines are compatible with a 1999 Sl1 5 speed?

'93-'02 SOHC however modification is needed for certain years. '99- '02 SOHC for plug and play operation

Repair 93 continental?

Help us out here, repair wha\t on the '93 continental?

What is Saturn the planet made of?

Saturn is made up of 93% hydrogen.

Where Can you Find Information on tuning a RWS 93 Air Rifle?

An authorized repair center might have what you want.

Where can you get a brake line diagram for a 93 Saturn SC2?

Saturn repail manual

Is the 93 Saturn twin cam rear wheel drive or front wheel?

All of the Saturn's have been front wheel drive, EXCEPT for the few SUV's that have been all wheel drive. The SL2, SC2 and SW2 are all dual cam and the SL1, SC1 and SW1 were all single cam.

Where do you get a transmission filter for a 93 Saturn SC1?

Saturn dealer or NAPA are just two.

What causes a 93 Saturn to hesitate and sputter when shifting gears?

egr valve may be clogged or bent. where do i find the egr valve on my 93 Saturn sc2?

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