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If you want to wear girls clothes what should you do?

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wear them!

Try to find something in your size.

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Should boys wear dresses and look like girls?

Peolpe should wear what they want clothes are made by people for people. You should wear want you want to wear

Why do girls wear what they want?

because they are girls and they sell girl clothes so they have the right to wear them.thats why.

What should you do if your son likes to wear girls clothes?

buy him a girls clothes and let him go and let him do girls or womens do if its tired of doing that ask him why he like to wear it

Should a guy wear girls clothes to school?

a guy should not wear girls clothes to school unless they want to be made fun of and judged. while it might be what you want to do, think about how you might end up feeling at the end of the day when everyone else has not shared the same enthusiasm for the idea that you originally thought they would. However, if you do not care about any of the negative consequences, then by all means, wear girls clothes to school.

Can girls wear boys clothes?

Yes, girls can wear boys clothes.

You make your son wear a bra what should you do?

Take it off. That is plain wrong. no its perfectly normal for a boy to want to wear girls clothes. but it is a little weird that a parent should make their son wear a bra

What clothes do you wear in space?

You wear anything you want but If you want to live it should have an oxygen tank! :)

What kind of clothes do popular girls wear?

wear clothes you like

Why should not girls wear short clothes?

because they will show your pants and that will not be pleasant

What should popular girls wear?

Popular girls should wear what ever they want because then everyone else will follow!

Is it normal for girls wear boy clothes?

Yes, there are alot of girls that wear boy clothes. It all depends on the girls personality.

Should I force your brother to wear girls clothes?

It depends on why you'll make him wear them if he likes to then yes.

What do girls wear in Germany?

They wear clothes

What should you wear if you want to become a tomboy?

Guys clothes

Girls should wear Bra and Panties to school?

Yes if they want to, if not when make sure they something that highs that they not wearing anything under neath their clothes

Why is society denying boys the right to wear girls clothes?

Actually society is doing nothing about that. Want to wear a dress, do it.

What should I wear if I am performing Fergie - big girls don't cry?

clothes :)

What should Sikh girls wear prior to living in Australia?

Clothes or nothing at all.

When should you wear the same clothes again?

If you want you can wear it right after the clothes get washed. But if I were you, I'd show off my other clothing.

You're 13 and you want wear girls clothes should you tell your mum or just go out and buy them?

Well, I think you should just do the right thing by telling your mum.

Boy wear girls?

No, boys wear clothes.

What clothes did the rich wear in the Victorian times?

girls and boys wear identical clothes

What do young Romanian girls wear?

Clothes, sadly. But seriously, the clothes Romanian people wear are no different by the clothes that others wear.

What do girls where?

If by 'where' you mean 'wear', the answer is clothes.

What do Austrian girls wear?