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Paper and Ballpen

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Q: If you want to write a composition what do you like to use why?
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What can one do with a composition notebook?

With a blank composition notebook, the possibilities are endless! Use a composition notebook as a personal journal, a place to collect favorite quotes and thoughts, or as a place to write down advice that you don't want to forget.

How do you use write in a sentence?

I wish I could write like that.I just want to write a short note.

How do you use in writing in sentences?

I wish I could write like that.I just want to write a short note.

How do you use composite in a sentence?

I had to write a composition about my summer vacation.

When making a book can you use it as like your favotire celebertie?

You want to write a book about one person? You would need their permission if you want to publish it. If you don't plan to publish it you can write it.

Write about the use of the concrete products?

what do you want

Can you use the words vaction and stranger and crime in a story?

You can use any words you want to in a story! It's your story - write whatever you want to write.

When you are going to write a book and get it published do you write it in your own handwritting?

No, you want to type it out - or pay someone else to type it for you. Use a very common font like Courier, and be sure to use the MLA rules.

What means the same as write?

Depending on how you use "writing" in a sentence, it might be synonymous with script, notation, prose, literature, or composition.

Are there any websites for writing songs and lyrics?

If you want to write songs and lyrics then you should use a pen and paper to put your ideas down onto it or use Word Perfect :) Think of what you want to write about then jot down notes

What is a contrast line and how do you use it in your composition?

explain the use of line of composition?

Give two paragraph descending order?

First, decide on the paragraphs that you would like to use. Write them out in the descending order that you want.