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a man in Canada would have diraha, nothing you bum!

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Q: If you wear briefs what would happen if you start wearing boxers?
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Does Jesse McCartney wear boxers or briefs?

interviewer boxers or briefs now john right now gray briefs interviewer in the ring briefs most of the time

What type of briefs give you a wedgie when you walk?

I need to start wearing a new type of briefs and because there are so many brands i think it would be better for me to know which ones i shouldn't get because they give you wedgies.

At what age do most boys start wearing boxers?

When you need room for your junk. Usually Junior High/ Middle School most start because of peer pressure when changing for gym or something similar.****Actually...any age is a "good" age. Again, it's mostly about comfort, and as the answer above mentions, peer pressure often influences boys and teens to switch. In other cases, fathers who wear boxers just figure junior should wear them too.Basically forced to wear tighty whities in youth, I couldn't wait to get my own boxers and did so at age 13 (and yes, my father was a brief man too - still is).

How can you say your mom to wear underwear?

It is important to approach sensitive topics with respect and empathy. If you feel it is necessary, you can have a calm and private conversation with your mom about the importance of wearing underwear for hygiene, comfort, and protection. Remember to express your concern without being judgmental or invasive.

What underwear is best?

cotton- it 'breathes' or else you may end up with thrush if a female due to overgrowth of bacteria. Tight/thin underwear while sexy, will chaffe at times. Boxers are supposidly recommended for adolescent males. Anything tight and restrictive is no good for men as it will prevent testicles from being cool and sperm production will suffer.

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Start Wearing Purple was created in 2004.

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they start wearing shorts and pants

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You shouldn't start wearing makeup out of the house until three things happen: your parents say it's okay, your school is okay with it and you're cleaning your face well every night, always putting the lids back on things and keeping your place tidy.

Is it normal to start wearing training bras at 9?

yes, some girls start wearing them when they are 7

At what age can a kid start wearing sunglasses?

As young as 2 years old, can kids start wearing sunglasses.

When do orthodox boys start wearing the Jewish prayer cloth?

It's called a "tallit" and they start wearing it at their Bar Mitzvahs.

What is the name of the line once marked in a boxing ring where boxers used to start?

scratch line