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AnswerIf I were such a thing, I think I would just sit there and look pretty! I would open my doors to people and let them look out my windows. I would give them shelter from the climates that they could be exposed to. I would give them warmth and coolness. I would even give them a place to wash up and relieve themselves from daily waste. If I were a building I would stand tall and look over the city. AnswerI would eat people and smaller buildings until I was big enough to rule the world! AnswerIf I was a building I would not have a brain or any way of locomation, so I would be unable to do anything. AnswerIf I were a building I would be the worlds biggest happiness centre, it would be warm and welcoming for all the lonely and elderly people, a place to cure all the sick and feed the hungry, a place for reconciliation to stop the fighting and wars, and a place of plenty so those without, don't feel the need to steal from those who do, it would have a tranquil room for the WikiHolics to rest and finally there would be a mobile annex that would sneak up on all the grumpy people in the night and put a squirrel up their night shirt. AnswerI would get laserbeams and blow up those fudged up terrorists.

right before someone walks in me, i would close the door and watch em fall!!

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Q: If you were a building what would you do?
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What would a Hellfire 2 do to a building?

Put simply, there would be no building left standing.

What materials are used in the construction of a bank building?

The main materials used to construct a bank building would be to create a solid foundation. A large portion of the building would be made out of concrete but would also have steel panelling to hold the building together.

Why would someone want to have a building like the taj mah building?

Because the building is very large

What is the Gaelic word for building?

In Scottish Gaelic: togalach is 'a building' the act of building is togail. In Irish: 'A building' (structure) would be foirgneamh. "building, construction' is foirgneoireacht.' The trade of building is foirgníocht.

What would happen if building waste is accumulated?

according to me if building waste is accumulated it would be a headache for the members of the society

What would happen if Mr T and Chuck Norris walked into the same building?

the building would burst into flames because no one building can contain that much awsomeness

In Empire State Building is building capitalized?

Yes. if you are saying '' the Empire State Building'' you would not capitalize th

Threw a roach off a building would it die?

Depends on the height of the building.

In which building would US senetor or a US representative work?

The Capitol Building

What would you do in the Empire State Building?

i would relax

What are the problems building with limestone?

Since limestone is calcium carbonate, it is a soluble salt. meaning every time it would rain some of the building would dissolve.. there would just be too much wear to the building

What is the symbolic building of Chicago Illinois?

I would say, for Chicagoans, the symbolic building is the Water Tower. It is the only building in Chicago that survived the Great Fire. I would say, for the world, the symbolic building in Chicago is the Sears Tower.