If you were a non-smoker when you bought a term life policy but now smoke can the benefits still be paid and should the insurance company ask you health questions when renewing the policy?

For a true life policy there should be no questions for renewal. Here is the deal. If you were a non-smoker when you bought your life policy and you now smoke, the insurance company can not rate you as a smoker after the fact, nor can they cancel your coverage. When term policies go into renewal they do not send out a questionaire to do so, they simply renew when you pay.

Answer2: I would say you should check online and get some facts. Renewing the policy may not be a problem, but benefits are payable upon death, so did you commit fraud by saying you were a non smoker when you purchased the policy and now smoke. That may make the policy null and void or possibly benefits could be withheld. Maybe you could do some research, better safe than sorry. Besides, smoking ages you prematurely and is bad for you in general. Why not get some help to try quitting. Best to you.