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It is a common misconception that Astrology is based on the Sun Sign alone. This, however, is far from the case. Astrology is a complex configuration of various factors, such as the Rising Sign, Moon sign, the signs in the other planets, the 12 houses, and other "aspects" between the planets, all of which alter the entire astrological chart. The only way to get a full picture of one's personality is to get an accurate time of birth and location of birth to get a full chart cast.

In some cases, the Sun Sign gives an accurate picture of one's personality alone, because that person's sun is a particularly strong influence in their individual chart (and, often, this person will have other planets in that sign as well). But there are some people--such as in your case--that will be nothing like their sun sign, because stronger influences in the chart override the sun sign. September 16th would make you a Virgo, but if you have multiple aspects with other planets, or if you have only a sun in Virgo but no other Virgo influences, then reading about the sun sign alone won't give an accurate description. Which sign do you feel you identify with? It's probable that the sign that you feel you resemble more will be in your chart.

Astrology is a complex conglomeration of multiple variables. Of course, skeptics will claim that you can't categorize the world into only 12 personalities. But that is, again, going under the incorrect assumption that the Sun is the only factor. Instead, everyone has a combination of the 12 astrological signs and the corresponding planets, which is why it can be individualized and specific for everyone. Think about it this way: Western music is made of only twelve basic notes, but those 12 notes alone make every piece of music imaginable. Astrology is the same way.

So you can be a Virgo Sun Sign, but actually resemble, say, an Aries the most!


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Astronomy is not a real science. It describes nothing. However the flattering terms used to describe the characteristics of each sign make people want to think that they fit that description and through observation bias see those things which confirm the "reading" and ignore those that don't.

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