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Pick up the phone next time he calls and tell him to stop calling you..and ask him if he isn't the who wanted to end the relationship? Ignore him.

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Q: If you were dumped by a guy after a month of dating but he still calls and you just let him leave messages what should you tell him?
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How can you access his messages and calls without his phone?

You cannot access someone's messages and calls without someone's phone legally.

What should you do if your boyfriend is abroad and he doesn't reply your text messages or your calls?

Write a letter to your boyfriend if you know his address. If not, wait for him to return and ask him why he didn't repond to your calls or text messages. If he gives a genuine excuse, it wasn't his fault and you should forgive him. If he denies it or comes up with a stupid excuse....

What does it mean when a guy does not return your calls or does not reply to your messages?

Unfortunately, in most cases when a guy does not return calls or reply to messages it means he is not interested in that particular person.

How can you get your girl to stop avoiding your calls and text messages?

Go talk to "your girl" face to face and ask her why are you avoiding my calls and text messages or tell her what the hell u did wrong.

Should you or should you not answer your ex-boyfriend's text messages and calls?

Reasons why you should not answer your ex's texts or calls:He's keeping tabs on who you might be dating and this doesn't mean he loves you. He could very well be seeing other girls, but doesn't like the fact that someone else could be dating you.If he loved you then he wouldn't be your ex.He's playing head games!There is no reason why you should continue to answer his texts or calls!!!If you choose to continue texting him,ake the ansers short and if he says whats up you could reply nothing much hu. instead of GREAT!!!!! or giving him lots of information....this could make him wonder if you hate him or not.

Do guys like text messages or phone calls better?


Why does a girl avoid your calls and text messages?

because their shy

Guy calls you after he dumped you?

He wants to know if your ok from the break-up, which in my opinion he still cares about you.

What to do if your girlfriend ignores you for days without any messages or calls?

get a life!!!

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Because there can be important messages from other people

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Normal civilians who do not have specialized equipment may not be able to track prepaid cell phone calls or messages. It may be possible for law enforcement to track calls or messages, but it may be harder to track because you do not need a contract to have a prepaid phone.

How to block text messages and calls on a Motorola Karma?

Settings>security>restrict calls> then enter your "unlock pin" i didn't know what mine was so i contacted my "service provider" in order to get a hold of it. after that it should be easy breezy

Can you track text messages and calls on a metro phone?

Yes, you can. Metro is the same as any other phone company. You just have to google " tracking phone messagings and calls" and a bunch of websites should come up. Hope this Helps, (:

Can cell phones accept forward calls?

no they cant! only on text messages :)

What are the rules and laws on government tapping cellphone calls and text messages?

Should you ignore some calls from a new guy you are dating?

Yes but not to much or the guy mite think you disslike him or that your thinking about brakeing up with him

Are text messages used more than phone calls?

in 2010 twelve times as many texts were made than phone calls

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Not for text messages. For phone calls, yes, but not text messages.

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What is the nickname of Tracy beaker's children's home?

She calls it the dumping ground because Tracy believes they are dumped in the children's home.

Should i continue phoning and texting a guy when he ignores the calls and texts messages?

i think you should try to get up with him and talk with him face to face if u want to continue or just plain out stop it hes not worth it

What is the purpose for the cell phone?

The purpose of a cell phone is to place and receive telephone calls (and possibly also text messages and other messages) with the freedom to move about.

How many more text messages than phone calls were made last year?

there was 160% increase in text messaging than phone calls were made

When you got dumped by a narcissist on New Year's Eve and no calls or texts after?

Um...was that New Years Eve, 2011? Do you live in Colorado?