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as far away from yours as possible

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Q: If you were to build a house in space where would you build it?
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Is possible to make a small house similar as pyramid?

yes, due to frame technology (using a frame in a house) you can build virtually any shape of a home that would stand with space inside.

What would happen if you did not have a house?

you would build one

What would one need to build a ccie rack at home?

You would need to build a CCIE rack at home to connect network connections with many different computers. In addition, the CCIE rack provides space for security cameras and other electronics in the house.

Why would you build a house?

Building a house is for multiple reasons. You specified that YOU are building the house. Dating back in time, such as the Indians they built houses for mainly PROTECTION and not to just live in them forever, they made simple houses called Wicki-ups which were just tents made out of sticks. Now-a-days if YOU were to build a house, it wouldn't be modern mostly because of it being yourself, it would take decades. Correction: If you meant why would anyone build a house, it could be for their job or if you meant if they wanted to live in a house, it is because of PROTECTION or private living space like I have written before.

How do you build a building?

Just like you would a house.

Where will you build a house in antarctica?

There are no houses in Antarctica, because there are no cities, states or countries there. One would not build a house in Antarctica.

What are input parts?

storage space, control space, and build space storage space, control space, and build space

Cost of a house in 1870?

The cost to build a house in 1870 would vary depending on size. A four room 32' by 40' house would cost about $700 to build. A smaller 2 room house measuring 16' by 22' would cost about $300.

Why do you build space-crafts?

You build space craft in order to get to and travel round in space.

What can you build from floppy disks?

How about a house, like you would do with cards?

How do you build a colonial school house?

If you want to build a colonial school house you need very plain resources such as wood, nails, and a hammer. You would have to build the building completely by hand.

Why would the US want to annex territories in outer space?

Because all the technology we have we are gonna build space stations on it.