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No, because life is all about the lots of challenge facing problems and you must marry to take another problem to make your ability to sustain with it.

Yes, because hun, we all know your gona get pregnant or already has a baby and no college wants a sluttty teen. got it?

^that's a terrible answer. After high school you're the adult. You make the decisions and no one can tell you otherwise. In fact, most colleges aren't going to look down upon you because you have a child. If you can pay for the school and everything else they are not going to really care. You're the adult now, you make the choice.

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Q: If you were to get married after high school would that affect your academic scholarships?
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It depends on the school. But, most academic scholarships require a 24 or better on the ACT.

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You may need to check with any scholarships your school offers for academic performance. Usually these types of scholarships are offered by the school you attended or by college you are trying to get into.

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it looses your focus in school

Are grants available for academic achievement?

Many grants are available for achievement in academics. If you had any outstanding academic achievements in high school, you can apply for a number of grants and scholarships.

What scholarship options are there for high school seniors?

There are many scholarships out there depending on different factors like academic achievements, place of living, social status, varsity scholarships, etc. You can ask the school of your brother for such openings.

Can getting straight As throughout high school pay for college?

Yes, they can, but only if you also have a really good SAT or ACT score and the college you are attending offers full tuition scholarships for high academic performance. Most corporate scholarships base scholarships off of high academic performance AND extracurriculars or community service.

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too be recognized for completeing all the years of schooling. if you have academic awards, you could get scholarships,etc.

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Yes, school attendance does affect a child's academic performance. If the child is not in school for an important lesson, he/she may never understand the lesson because he/she had to learn it from friends, and not the day the teacher taught it.

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Scholarships come in many different types: academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, leadership scholarships, need-based scholarships, and many more. These scholarships are offered by different organizations like the school, the federal government, the state government, private companies or private non-profit institutions. Anyone who wants to get a college scholarship has to fulfill the application requirements which often include application forms, tests, and essays.

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