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Yes! This type of business ownership is called a Sole Proprietorship also recognized as a 'DBA' or doing business as...Great Construction or whatever you decide to name your business. I would highly recommend that you check into the proper licensing, insurance and tax requirements related to the type of business your operating. Local statutes or regulations will determine whether you have to file any official documentation if your name does not appear in the name of the business. Some places call them "d.b.a.", others call them "fictitious names." In MA, for example, you file a d.b.a. with your local town clerk or risk a $100 per day fine until you do.

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Q: If you work as an independent contractor for different companies can you name your business and still file using your social security number?
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What is the difference between an independent contractor and a small business person?

A small business person may be an independent contractor, meaning only that he or she sells services for a fee, as opposed to being an employee (which is distinctly not "independent"). An independent contractor refers to anyone selling you services (often a corporation or LLC, but also any small business), as long as it is not a joint venture or employment relationship.

Can an independent contractor work under someone elses business license?

Whether a contractor can work under another's business license depends on the type of business license. If someone has a corporation then they can have a lot of businesses under their license.

What is nonstatutory income?

Other income that you receive from your own business operations. Nonstatatutory income (independent contractor) self employed taxpayer

Where can you purchase contractor insurance?

Contractor insurance can be purchased through the Aegis, Nationwide and Progressive insurance companies. Also, both the Contractors Insurance business and organization sites offer aid on the subject.

What do I need to do to become a truck driver ?

If you have ever thought about a career as an independent trucking contractor, then you might want to consider the types of training that you will need to compete for jobs in this industry. Many companies hire independent contractors that own their own trucks. Getting the right training, therefore, could open a variety of business opportunities to you.

Is a business degree helpful for a general contractor?

A business degree is slightly helpful for a general contractor but not required. A business degree would help the contractor conduct some of his own business and have more knowledge over the the topic

What is economic reality test?

The economic Reality Test is a test used by courts to further determine between an employee and an independent contractor. They use this mainly to determine if payroll taxes should have been paid on a person working for a business. If the contractor end up being classified as an employee, the business owes payroll taxes on the money paid to that person. If the person is determined to be an independent contractor, then the person owes income taxes on the money paid to them.

Do companies do both residential plumbing and business plumbing, or are there ones that specialize in residential plumbing only?

There are companies that solely do residential plumbing. They are most likely independent companies that are easy to locate. Residential and business plumbing greatly differ, so there are companies that are not prepared to try their hand at business plumbing.

What type of companies make up the metal and door business?

This industry is dominated by small independent companies with fewer than 20 employees.

Which companies offer business insurance?

There are many different companies that offer business insurance. Some of the companies that offer business insurance are State Farm, Alstate, GEICO and Liberty Mutual Group.

What is a 1099 company?

A 1099 company is a business that is mostly in form of self-employment or an independent contractor. One can file for exemption of some takes under such a company.

What type of coverage does a self employed hair stylist need?

A self-employed (or independent contractor) hair stylist should have personal liability insurance and a business license.

Do you need a business license if you are an independent contractor?

This depends on your state's, city's, county's regulations on this. You will need to check your local office for this information and also if you are working under another name (vanity name/ dba) instead of your own. For example, Jumping Jacks Pancake House versus Jack Jackson's Pancake House. Typically if you are just working as a 1099 Independent Contractor you generally don't need a business license.

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Where can I find computer rental companies?

The best way to find companies that would help you with your small business is by writing a proposal and sending it in to the government. They have different companies that will fund your small business.

What questions should I ask to find a good contractor when comparing windows companies?

You should call around to different companies, to put out feelers, as to which company you'd prefer. Ask questions such as, how long they've been in business, and how much experience they have. Ask if they have any recent jobs you can view, or ask for referrals.

How were the new big business of this time different from traditional companies?


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Does your homeowner liability cover you when you clean houses as an independent contractor?

No, there is a business exclusion under the liability section. You personal homeowners insurance will not cover your Commercial activities. You will need a Commercial General Liability policy to cover your business operations.

How to convert an employee to a contractor?

The company needs to know the definition of independent contractor in their state. The worker needs to fit that role in pay and work assigned. Changing over may trigger a payroll tax audit for the business so following the state laws is significant.

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