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dont worry about it and when you hit puberty itll gror alot quicker

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โˆ™ 2010-05-22 16:28:00
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Q: If your 12 is a 3 and a half inch penis normal size soft?
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Im 14 and you have a 7 and a half inch penis is that a good size women?

Yes, normal size is about 6 to 6 and half. oh yeah now im happy!

Is a 6 and a half inch penis on a 14 year old normal?

There is no 'normal' size. It varies depending on the person. 6.5 inches is in the normal range for most males.

Is it a normal size with a 5 inch long penis at age 32?

Its about average size.

What is the normal penis size for 13 year old?

There is no "normal". The size you are is normal for you.

Im 12 and MY penis size is 5 inch eracted is it normal?


Is it normal for the penis of an adult man to be one inch long when flaccid?

Yes this is normal enough. The size when flaccid varies a lot and has not connection to the size when erect. Your real penis size is when your penis is erect. Read about "Penis Size" in Related Questions below.

Can a 5 and a one and a half inch penis pop a girls cherry?

Any size can do that.

Is 5 inches penis with inch and quarter thickness is normal?

This is an average size penis for teens ages 12 - 16

Would a 5 inch penis for a 54 year old be average size or small?

A 5" penis is perfectly normal.

Is a penis that is 6 inch limp a normal size?

average size in America for a white man is 5.1 inch for Mexican is 5.9 inch and for blacks 6.5 inch, Asian 4.4 inch

Your penis size is 5 and half is that normal?

the average size is 5inches so technically your above average

I'm 20 years old and my penis is 17 cm is that normal?

A 17cm (or 6.7 inch) penis is over the average penis size of an adult male.

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