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Tease him

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Q: If your 13 and you want a kiss from a guy you really like what do you do?
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What does it mean when a guy blows you a kiss?

it means that they really like you and want to make out with you.

You really like this guy and you want to kiss him but he dont want to kiss you?

If he doesn't want to kiss you right now, wait until he's in a better mood.If he just doesn't want to kiss you, why would you waste your time on this loser? Find a guy who appreciates how cool you realy are; he'll want to kiss you, sooner or later.

What if the guy you really like tells you i want to kiss you and will you go out with me i really think you have pretty eyes?

Say yes, and be happy!

What if you want to kiss a guy but he dos'nt even like you?

Then you should probably not kiss him.

You have never kissed any one and you really want to have your first kiss with this guy you like what do you do?

Ok, this is a really good question. Below I will tell you what you have to do. You can glance at his lips a lot tell him u want to or just kiss him

Why a girl is s are to kiss a guy?

Maybe she want to show respect to the guy like the customs in foreign country~or she is really love thi guy .kiss is also a normall way to show love to others!

What if you really like this guy and he grabs your arm and takes you to a room and starts kissing you what can you do?

Um. Well if you want him to kiss you then I guess you can kiss him back, or go further.... And if you don't want him to kiss you then I guess get the hell away from him?

How do you get a crush to kiss you?

if your a girl id say " when are you gonna kiss me?" If your a guy Id say 'When Can I kiss you? cause i really want to."

I really like this guy and i want to kiss him but he dont want to kiss you?

if he doesn't wanna kiss you girl get the guts and say something! Don't just stand there and do nothing, make a move or he will!! if he doesn't wanna kiss you wait, get out with him more, on more dates like that! then trust me he will wanna kiss you.

How can you tell if a guy really wants to kiss you?

Get yourself within a few feet of the guy and ask him, "Do you want to kiss me?" Works every time.

What if you want to kiss someone because you really like them?

then do it dont be shy bc either they like you or they dont but the first kiss should always be closed mouth and the guy should start it

How do you kiss a guy that does nt like you?

If he doesn't like you is there really any point in trying to kiss him. -there plenty more who will like you.

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