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Check the overdrive relay switch.

Check O/D switch by all means....but the most common problem is usually the Overdrive Relay. It's located behind the centre vents on your model, replace with EXACTly same part no. .....other similar relays will drive you crazy by disengaging each time you turn engine off - requiring you to remember to click it ON again.

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Q: If your 1990 Volvo 240 Series will not go into overdrive what can be wrong?
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What could be keeping a 1990 Volvo 240 series from going into overdrive?

Overdrive relay switch behind the middle air vents..... Manual Transmission: the wires sometimes break if it is the type with the button on the gear/knob/ stick........... if it is a manual transmission.......the switch on the gearbox which tells when 4th gear is engaged can be faulty.....and will not allow the overdrive to engaged.

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no. throttle body

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Volvo recommends 10w30 full synthetic oil.

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