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Remove the oil filter, clean the mounting surface throughly, oil the gasket on the new filter, installed the filter and ONLY tighten it 3/4 turn after it makes contact with the surface. It was installed incorrectly and that is why it is leaking. Either the gasket was not oiled or it is too loose or too tight. Any of these conditions will cause it too leak. If this does not correct the situation, look above the filter to see where the oil is coming from.

Replace the oil filter and make sure tha the old gasket is properly removed and a new (oiled with clean oil) is palced and then properly tightened oil filter is put on. Make sure that the oil level is also fine thereafter.

i dont get it explain itplz plz plz plz \


2015-07-15 19:01:59
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How do you change a fuel filter on a 2002 dodge ram 2500 cummins diesel?

Changed mine the other day its the white filter located around the back of the engine must reach from top not fun my advice take it in to get it fixed

Where can I take my 4x4 dodge dakota to get the brakes fixed?

You should have your brakes fixed in a garage which is permitted, by the Dodge car company, to fix Dodge vechiles. To find the one near your home visit the Dodge homepage at

Is a dodge dealership the best place to get a dodge vehicle fixed?

A dodge dealership is a great place to get a dodge vehicle fixed, as they know the cars and trucks better than any other repair shop. You can be sure you are getting the right parts for your vehicle at a dealership.

Overdrive button does not work on your 1993 dodge Dakota?

Get it fixed

How do you fixed the leak from the dodge magnum transmission?

It will all depend on where the leak is.

How did the filter affect the white flashlight beam?

Filter is fixed on the head of flashlight to change light color. If you use red filter, the beam will be in red light.

Is the color for the fuel filter the actual fluid pink and why would it leak?

Pink or red fluid is automatic trans fluid. During colder months these high pressure fittings can seep due to the extreme temperature variance. A MINOR leak may disappear as outside temperatures moderate in spring. If it is dripping get it fixed.

Why does d e go right though the filter into the pool?

Because there is probably a tear in one of your grids inside of the filter that needs fixed.

Why does my whole car vibrate when hitting the breaks?

You have badly worn brake pads or rotors or both. I would get them fixed ASAP.

What would cause a 1997 Dodge Stratus to sputter and then when idle die you just had your O2 sensor fixed new gas tank fuel pump and fuel filter put it my oil pan is leaking i have oil in the car?

i would look and make sure that the fuel filter was installed properly (facing the right way) . it has an arrow on it.

Can you use 20w50 oil in your Toyota camryit has an oil leak and plus its dead winter?

yes you can. weather affects nothing plus the oil will keep dripping. get the leak fixed

Can frame Rot on 1999 Dodge 1500 VAN be fixed?

Just about anything can be fixed, it's the amount of money you're willing to spend that makes it possible or impossible.

What is a Biological Aerated Filter?

Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) is a fixed-film system in which a biofilm-support medium is submerged in wastewater to provide biological treatment.

Where is the ignition control module located on a 90 dodge ram 150 van with 318 Does it even have one?

Replace the distributor mod, this fixed my 91 Dodge yesterday/

What is the case for a 2003 Dodge Ram ABS module to continously run?

its a common failure mode for dodge abs module. You can get it fixed by bba remanufacturing in Massachussetts,

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1999 Honda HRV?

It is inside of the fuel tank and it is fixed to the fuel pump.

1996 dodge neon car will run fine idle for a long time but die after driving for 15min like it s running out of gas bucks like crazy?

I just had mine fixed and it was the electrical connection to the fan switch. It COULD be something as simple as a fuel filter.

How do you fix squeaking in the steering column on a 2000 dodge caravan?

The squeaking of a steering column can usually be fixed by adding power steering fluid. It can also be fixed by replacing the belt in the car.

What sort of sensors go bad in a Dodge truck?

The sensors that usually go bad in a Dodge truck are the throttle position sensor, the oxygen sensor, engine light sensor and crank sensor. These malfunctions can be fixed on any Dodge dealership.

What will it cost to have the air conditioning fixed on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

$100 to over $1000, depends on what is wrong.

What does service code B12 mean on a 2006 Civic and how do you reset the service light when fixed?

B12 means you need an oil and filter change, tire rotation, and air filter replacement.

98 dodge 2500 4wd engine not running hot enough?

I have a 2001 Dodge 3500 that was not getting up to operating temperature. I changed the thermostat and that fixed it. I guess the thermostat was stuck open.

How do you repair a leak that is under the filter on your above ground pool?

Yesterday I had the same problem. I noticed that I was leaking water from under my filer. It is usually caused by a crack in the filter. I have repaired them in the past by disconnecting the entire filter, draining the sand and cleaning the filter out really well. After it is dry, apply a strong appoxy to the crack and let it dry. Reassemble the filter etc... and it is fixed. (only temporary) It will crack / leak again. That is just too painful for me to mess with anymore. I just spent $450 for a new filter. Much easier. Good luck, hope you get your leak fixed.

Were there any problems on Apollo 11?

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How do you reset the airbag light on a 1999 dodge stratus after replacement?

If the cause of the code was fixed the light would have gone off on its own.