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The infl rest light is just your airbag safety system it should blink a few times when the ignition is turned to on and then it should go out!!

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Q: If your Inf Rest light on your Geo Storm comes on what should you do?
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Why a Geo Storm 1989 does not start and infl rest light comes on?

b/c the battery is dead. b/c the battery is dead.

What does the infl rest light mean on a 1991 geo storm?

Inflatable Restraint... air bag.

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What does infl rest light mean on a 1991 geo storm?

on my Buick, when starting car it means it's checking the airbag inflater. If it stays on somethings wrong with the inflater.

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Will a 1991 geo storm start if the infl rest light is on?

yes it will start. The infl. rest lamp is for inflatable restraint (airbag) the light will normally come on (flash) for 5 seconds or so when the key is put in the run position that's the air bag system doing a self check

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