If your OB does not find anything on the ultrasound could that be because you had a miscarriage?


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If your OB didn't find anything then that means that you either had a miscarriage or there wasn't anything there from the start.

if nothing at all was there then probably no miscarriage unless you had a chemical pregnancy. I had a miscarriage and the ultrasound showed small empty sack, but no baby. It is interesting to note that two or three weeks later i had another ultrasound because of unexplained bleeding and i very much pregnant, everything that should be there was there.

A lot of times when ultrasound shows just a sac a number of things can be the cause.It could be you're not as far gone as you thot or you're overweight with fat deposits around your mid or you have a tilted uterus. This is why a lot of OBs these days ask you to come back after a couple of days just to be sure. Check the website Misdiagnosed Miscarriage on the left; stories abound.


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They could be checking for any tissue that was not expelled during the miscarriage. They may be able to tell that you were pregnant depending on how long ago the miscarriage happened, and if anything was left behind.

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The people reading the ultrasound will report their findings to your doctor and he can tell you what is going on.

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Yes,your tummy can hurt after a miscarriage, because something didn't all come out.

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Yes. The fetus may not be reabsorbed into your body and you would have to have a DNC (they remove the remains surgically). If you feel you have had a miscarriage, you should go to a doctor and get a pelvic exam including an ultrasound to check for other problems that could develop.

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