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Yes, but you will need a converter for it. You can call your local tv station and they can tell you where to get a converter (possibly free) which will enable you to keep using the same tv.

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Q: If your TV was made in 1987 will you have problems with satellite TV?
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What are the potential problems with satellite television?

Some of the potential problems with satellite television is the high cost and too many channels.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of cable and satellite tv?

Cable and satellite TV can go out at anytime and have connection problems sometimes.

When was satellite tv invented and by whom?

Satellite TV was invented in the late 1970's, made by Isaac Newton.

What are some of the reception problems you have with satellite tv?

Some common reception problems with satellite tv could be- bad weather, tree blockage, objects sticking to your Dish, radar interference, dysfunctional distribution amplifier and locked up receivers.

What percentage of the US homes with TV had cable in 1987?

In 1987, about 50 percent of US homes had cable television. There were about 2 million people who had satellite dish for their TV provider at this time.

Who made satellite tv?

Professor. D Rusto

Is DirectTV a satellite cable provider?

no it is not . it is a cable provider. satellite is made up of channals around the world that are not provided by direct tv. Satellite is world wide.

Can I get satellite tv anywhere?

It is possible to still get satellite TV. However, you should be aware that the signal won't be as strong, and so you may experience many more problems getting it working correctly.

How satellite pictures of earth are made and transmitted?

Satellite pictures of Earth are taken by a camera mounted on a satellite in orbit, high above Earth's atmosphere. They are transmitted wirelessly over satellite signals, much like satellite TV.

Satellite of earth?

A satellite of earth that is not man made is the moon. There are many satellites that are man made that orbit the earth. These satellites are used for communication between Internet and television viewing.

How satellite works and how is satellite?

Satellite TV is delivered by the means of communication satellite and received by a satellite dish and set-top box connected to the television set.

When was the first satellite dish for TV made available to consumers?

The first satellite program broadcast for Tv was the 1976 heavyweight boxing match by HBO. The first satellite dish was created in a garage the same year and was available to consumers in 1977.

What are TVs made of?

Well, they outside of most TVs are plastic, they are also made out of screens, like for example your computer screen. The show goes on the TV is from a satellite, from a place from who knows where has a video tape put into another TV (big one at that) then the satellite and then it appears on the clear screen.

What do you mean by satellite?

A satellite is an object that orbits around another object. A satellite can either be natural, like a moon, or man-made like the satellites that help bring Internet and television from around the world.

What are the ratings and certificates for Biography - 1987 Regis Philbin Made for TV?

Biography - 1987 Regis Philbin Made for TV is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

How old is DISH TV?

Echostar was formed in 1980 by Charles Ergen, Candy Ergen, and Jim Defranco. In 1987, EchoStar applied for a direct broadcast satellite license with the FCC and was granted access to orbital slot 119° satellite in 1992. In March, 1996, DISH Network made its first broadcast to customers.

What are the benefits of having satellite tv?

Satellite TV is super. The price is competitive and the channel selections are superior. Customer service is great and bills can be paid online. There are always local technicians at the ready to help you solve any problems you may experience.

Is satellite tv and satellite internet going to combine?

Satellite TV and High Speed Internet are bundles offered by the 2 major satellite tv providers in the US. The High Speed Internet via satellite package that they are offering is powered by WildBlue. Unfortunately, there is still no news if they are going to combine the service into 1 satellite dish. If you get satellite tv and a satellite internet package it will require professional installation, separate equipments, and a separate satellite dish.

What are the release dates for Biography - 1987 Regis Philbin Made for TV?

Biography - 1987 Regis Philbin Made for TV was released on: USA: 6 September 1998

Does fog affect satellite TV?

No fog does not affect Satellite TV.

Who made the first satellite tv?

Direct Broadcast Satellites or DBS was the first to have established regulations by year 1980. However, satellite-delivered signals have transformed the television industry since the late 1970s.

What is the difference between satellite tv service and cable Don't they all receive there signals from a satellite?

The difference between satellite tv service and cable is satellite tv offers more channels and are more expenisve. No, they don't receive their signals from a satellite.

What is satellite receiver?

A satellite receievr, is a tv receiver, which connects to the satellite anntena, than to your tv, and decodes the information coming from the satellite signal into video and audio signal, so you can watch tv channels.

How are pictures from TV stations transmitted to your homes?

It transmittes from a satellite far away to your satellite. It is like sound waves travelling throughout the world except it is the satellite transmitting waves to your satellite. The satellite is connected to a wire that leads from a satellite. That is how you watch you favourite TV shows!

Do satellite TV providers supply the satellite dishes?

Yes, satellite TV providers provide all the hardware when one subscribes to their service. The hardware usually includes a satellite dish, a receiver box with a personal video recorder, a remote and the satellite TV service.

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