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No. Only the grandparents who have custody over you can give you consent to do so. And even then, they may not be able to give you permission to live with your other grandparents, depending on why you other grandparents were not given custody over you in the first place.

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2009-07-31 02:05:47
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Q: If your a minor and your grandparents have temporary custody over you can you choose to live with your other grandparents with only the consent of your father?
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Can a 16 year old choose to live with her grandparents without her father's consent?

i dont think so you should be able to move in with grandparent as long as they try to get custody

Can a 15 yr old choose to live with her grandparents in Fl?

Sorry, but if the parents don't allow it, you would need to reach the age of consent (18) in order to make that decision. Otherwise, grandparents would need to go to court and plead for at least partial custody. Good Luck

Can a 15 year old move in with grandparents without parental consent in Ohio?

No. He can not choose where to live until he is 18.

Can a 13 yr old child in CO choose to live with grandparents instead of their parent?

No, the minor cannot choose until he is 18. Until then he needs parental consent.

Can a 9 yr old child choose to live with grandparents?

anine year old child does not have power of atorney. so no. but a custody battle could ensue.

Can a child choose to live with a parent that does not have custody of them?

Not without the consent of the parent with the custody order. However after a certain age some courts will take note of the child's wishes in some cases but is not obligated to follow them.

Can you choose to live with your mother instead of your grandparents who now have custody?

A change of legal custody must be done through the court that granted the original custody order. Things that will be considered are, the age of the child, the living environment of both parties. The past history of the adult seeking to have the custody order amended, and so forth.

In Mississippi can a minor choose which parent to live with if she does not live with the grandparent who has temporary custody and that grandparent wants to send her to live with her father?

Minor's are not allowed to choose with whom they wish to live, although the judge may speak with the child and take his or her opinions into consideration when making custodial decisions. Likewise, the grandparent who has temporary custody cannot release the minor into the custody of any other person including a parent without first obtaining permission from the court.

What age can a minor testify in court to live with grandparents?

Testifying in court is for when a older teen is in a custody battle between the parents and have the opportunity to say who he would prefer to live with. This does not include grandparents. And not all states let a teen speak in court. You can choose the grandparents when you are of legal age, usually 18.

Can a 12 yr old decide to live with a parent after his grandparents have had custody of him for seven years?

No, you can not choose until you are 18. If your parent wants custody he/she has to go to court and modify the court order. The court will decide if your parent is fit to take care of you.

Can you choose to live with your grandparents instead of with you mom or dad?

I believe you can with the permission of your parents and the guardians taking you into custody, i may be wrong wiith this, it is best to check with the local law office

Can a father sign his rights of his child to the grandparents or must he sign them to the mother of the child or just sign them away period?

it depends, what your situation is, is she asking you to give her full custody?because your not being the father she wants you to be,and she don't want you to be in his life. or you've actually have custody but your in a situation (went or are) going to jail, look if the grandparent have always helped you with this child ,and know them well. and the grandparents are willing to help you out, give them custody or if its only for a little while your gonna be gone .you can also write them temporary custody.oh before i forget ask give temporay custody if your gonna want the child back . same if you were to choose the mother. if your for any reason don't understand, feel free to e-mail me

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