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It is possible to restore your milk production. Most women who have been pregnant will be able to feed a baby. Milk is produced in response to the baby's sucking. The baby will have to nurse at each breast several times a day in order to stimulate the milk glands to produce. This can take several days, maybe longer. It can be difficult for two reasons. 1) The breasts will be empty, so the baby won't get anything until the milk glands start working. You can get a small bag with a thin tube attached, so you can put formula in the bag, and lay the tube next to your nipple so that the baby still gets fed. This has been used successfully by adoptive mothers. You can also use a breast pump. 2) The baby may resist the change. It is a lot harder to get milk out of a breast than out of a bottle, and the baby may not want to have to work so hard, especially if she has been used to a bottle since birth. If you can get your milk started, but the baby doesn't like to nurse, you may have to pump and use bottles. Contact your local La Leche League for more information.

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Is it possible for a woman to produce breast milk 6 years after it has dried up?

i never tried

What type of dried fruit are there?

Almost any fruit can be dried using a suitable methods. Possible the best known are such things as raisins, currents, apricots. Such dried fruits are used maninly, though not exclusively, for cooking.

How do you tell if a dogs breasts are infected from dried breast milk?

lick them....

Is a dried flower dead?

Almost certainly.

What can be freeze dried?

Almost everything that is frozen

How to get bigger breast after breast feeding?

I'll assume you mean that you have stopped breastfeeding and you milk has dried up but that you want you breasts look full or large as they were when you milk was in. I suggest you simply bring your milk back. There are several options that would do this for you. Having your significant other suckle your breasts are the best option. Another is the Marmet Technique and finally there is always the old pump method. However if you are sick of leakage, sore nipples and breastfeeding bras and don't want to continue then sadly the only other way is through surgery unless you are happy with stuffing the bra.

How do you know when you start to develop breast milk?

Most often, you will find a slight caking on the nipple. It almost looks like dandruff. The breast might leak a tiny amount of a clear liquid, or even darker fluid. The caking is the leakage that has dried. The breast will become fuller, and sometimes sore. But the usual signs are that the nipple will "leak". This can also happen with non pregnant women who have a different hormonal make up.

What word has the same or almost the same meaning as dried out?

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What African lake has dried up into almost nothing in the last few years?


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No. You can feed them apples, carrots, dried bananas, (dried tomatoes should be fine) almonds, peanuts, almost any type of nut, and also strawberries So, you sould not feed them tomatoes, unless they are dried.

What African lake has dried up in the last few decades into almost nothing?

Lake Victoria

If your milk has dried up in your breast after losing a baby could you be pregnant again if breast milk has returned?

You could be. Or this can be caused by certain hormones still present in your body after the miscarriage. You should definitely take a pregnancy test to find out.

Is it possible to put fresh blueberreies instead of dried in breads?

Is it possible to put fresh blueberries instead of dries blueberries in breadin bread machine

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They are not. Chickens can eat raisins,grapes and almost any type of fruit, dried or fresh.

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Sage rubbed from a fresh plant is much stronger than dried ground sage. Fresh herbs are almost invariably stronger in flavor than dried.

What is the different between dried food and freeze dried food?

Dried Food can be dried in the sun or dried by machines. Freeze -Dried Food is dried by refridgerators.

What Aer three ways HIV can be spread?

Blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. However, HIV that was present in blood that dried (+hours), is not transmittable.

What color is a cactus?

Well, usually, it is green. But when dried up, it is brown. Sometimes it is possible for it to be red or yellow.

Why does my young daughter have a small amount of dried blood in here ear?

If your young daughter has a small amount of dried blood in her ear, it's possible she scratched herself. Take her to the doctor for confirmation.

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Almost EVERYTHING from a teenage namebrand store will shrink when dried.

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The adhesive was very strong and dried almost instantly, which was bad because it connected my hand to a doorknob.

What foods can be freeze dried?

Any food item, from individual ingredients such as strawberries and cooked chicken breast, to fully prepared meals with seasonings and spices, including pasta primavera and beef chow mein, can be successfully freeze dried through commercial freeze drying techniques.

Where to buy oregano?

Oregano is a common flat leafed spice that grows well in almost all climates. Most of it is purchased and used in its dried, bottled state that is sold by many spice manufactures. You can buy the dried variety at almost any grocery store, and the fresh leaves at some grocers, farmers markets and restaurants.

What does a watery vaginal discharge with brownish particles that looks like dried or old blood mean?

Possible fibroids!?

What are some dried fruits?

Dried bannana chips, dried peaches, dried mango,and ect.

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