If your baby is a month old and has not been breast fed and your milk is almost dried up is it possible for you to start breastfeeding part time?

It is possible to restore your milk production. Most women who have been pregnant will be able to feed a baby. Milk is produced in response to the baby's sucking. The baby will have to nurse at each breast several times a day in order to stimulate the milk glands to produce. This can take several days, maybe longer. It can be difficult for two reasons. 1) The breasts will be empty, so the baby won't get anything until the milk glands start working. You can get a small bag with a thin tube attached, so you can put formula in the bag, and lay the tube next to your nipple so that the baby still gets fed. This has been used successfully by adoptive mothers. You can also use a breast pump. 2) The baby may resist the change. It is a lot harder to get milk out of a breast than out of a bottle, and the baby may not want to have to work so hard, especially if she has been used to a bottle since birth. If you can get your milk started, but the baby doesn't like to nurse, you may have to pump and use bottles. Contact your local La Leche League for more information.