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Before you decide to give up on your best friend it's time to sit down with this person and have a heart-to-heart talk. Perhaps you were best friends and you may spend more time with your other friends. This person could be feeling left out. Sometimes when we have best friends we do everything together and it goes on for months to years, and suddenly one of the two may make other friends or even meet a boyfriend and without realizing it they leave their best friend out in the cold. Perhaps there are other reasons they feel this way. If they aren't willing to express their feelings to you or try to work with you on making your friendship better then yes, you should move on from them before they destroy your reputation or cause hardships with your other friends. Good luck Marcy Hey, lone wolf here. its OK for them to say things like that. People have their own opinion on topics. if he is threatening to do something to your friends, then you have a problem! You should listen to this marcy person, she has given good advice before.

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Q: If your best friend is always talking bad about you and your friends should you remain friends?
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How to tell if a guy just wants to be friends but you keep flirting?

The guy can just be a natural flirt, and still remain friends. If a guy sees you more than a friend, he would try talking to you frequently, asking you out, being with you. You can always ask him or ask his friends to cut to the chase.

How do you hire a friend to work for you?

Don't. That is, if you want to remain friends.

Do you need to tell always the truth to your friends?

Only if you expect them to remain your friends.

What does it mean you will always be friends?

There is nothing inherently difficult to understand in the phrase 'you will always be friends'.It is a statement by someone to someone else that he or she will remain friends with you.A somewhat childish statement as no-one can predict what will occur in the future.It is unlikely you would remain friends if the other person killed your child, for instance

Will your guy friend still be a good friend in middle school?

It is highly possible that you and your friend will remain good friends in middle school. However, both of you will make other friends there as well which is a good thing.

What should you do when your best friend's best friend calls you a fat hoar?

find new, real, friends. yikes! uh, ask your friend about it and tell her. if she just tells her best friend, you shouldn't remain friends with her!

How do you handle a friend who hates you after you tell them how you feel?

If their really your friend, they should cool down eventually. All friends have their moments and they usually always make up. Maybe you should try apologizing again. Keep your distance, but, eventually, you guys will remain close.

What do you do when you have a friend that always talks about you and it really stuck up?

* You face that friend! Friends should be loyal and honest with each other. Do not text them; phone them, but meet in person and look them straight in the eyes and tell them that you are tired of the way they are treating you and things have to change or you are not going to remain friends. Don't accuse your friend of being stuck up as you will only anger them. If you are true friends and your friend listens then by working out your problems this could also change your friend's stuck up mannerisms.

When an ex does not want to remain friends?

When an ex girlfriend does not want to remain friend you can do this. You can tell her the reason about why you want to be friends with her. You can also separate if you are not at all interested yourself.

If you like your best friend that happens to be a boy and you want to ask him out and he says no what do you do?

I suggest you apologise and still remain friends.

Does all guy best friends and all girl best friends always end up together?

No, best friends of opposite gender do not always end up together. It is perfectly possible for the relationship to remain platonic.

What do you say to a backstabbing friend?

* The best way to handle a backstabbing friend is to face them; look them straight in the eye and tell them that they have broken that bond of trust and you no longer wish to be friends and move on. Good friends don't back stab you and if you remain friends with them then you enable their behavior.

What do you do if your boyfriend hates your best friend?

Find out why he hates your best friend and see if there is any way to work things out between them. If not then I would make sure you don't distance yourself from your best friend. Boyfriends don't always last, no matter how much you think they will. Best friends usually last your entire life or at the very least most people remain at least friends with the people they used to be best friends with.

What does it mean when your best friend wants to be friends with benefits?

It means they want to be friends but they want certain limits, like you can have sex but no emotions and u must remain frends

What happens when you stop having a crush on a really good friend?

If you stop having a crush on a friend then you'll just remain friends as long as you haven't been seriously dating.

When you love a friend that has loved you back but said that both of you should only just remain as friends is it still considered as Unrequited Love?

of course! your friends with love you no matter what x

Should a guy ask out a girl who is a friend?

yes, just talk to her and tell her how you feel and if she likes you it will work if it doesnt you remain friends.

All your friends say you and your male friend are together a lot he seems to like you but you only see him as your friend should you keep a distance or would that mean you will lose your friendship?

Honesty is always the best policy. Friendship and love can be very confusing as a true, loving relationship is having someone you love who is also your best friend. You should take some private time out and be honest with your male friend and tell him you only think of him as a friend and not romantically and let him know you want to remain friends. Hopefully he will understand and your friendship will continue.

How should you break-up with your boyfriend if you want to remain friends?

nope... just not have sex with him so offen and then for a while... u will be come friends and not boy friend and girl frined

How can you remain best friends with the opposite sex forever?

Yes. I'm going to stay best friends with my 15 year old best friend (which is a girl) and I'm 12 (and a boy

What to do when your friends say you cant date someone you like?

it does not mean that you should think in a pessimistic way. always remain optimistic.

What do you do if this guy who used to have a thing with your friend now likes you and you like him. Should you go for him or remain friends?

Go for him, you might not get this chance again

How do you break up with someone and remain their friend?

tell them you dont have the same feeling that you once did and tell them but i would really like if we can stay friends

If a friend gives you a gift do you have to give it back if you no longer remain friends?

If someone gives you a gift on Howrse you can choose whether or not to return the gesture.

How can you get your best friend back from someone else?

The way to get your best friend back from someone else is to remain calm. The new person may be a fad. It is okay for someone's best friend to have other friends. If this person is changing, have a talk with them.