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Then hes not your best friend anymore. If he can't change of course.

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Q: If your best friend likes your girlfriend what should you do?
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If your girlfriend likes your best friend what should you do?

break up with her. but r u sure he likes him?

What do you do when you like your best friend's ex-girlfriend and she likes you back?


What should you do when you're best friend's girlfriend likes you?

Do her in the bathroom and then tell her it's not's you.

Should you hang out with your best friend and his girlfriend who you hate or should you not hang out with your friend?

If you want your friend to still be your friend, hang out with him. You might find out what he likes in his girlfriend and she could be your friend too. Friends do this for each other.

How do you know if your girlfriend likes her best friend?

make your girlfriend jealous

What can my friend do if she likes this guy but he has a girlfriend which is her best friend but then a guy she kinda likes asked her out what should she do?

go with the guy she kinda likes if she goes with the other one her friend will get mad at her and not talk to her anymore and you should let your friend be happy with her boyfriend

What do you do if your best friend likes you but you have a girlfriend?

you need to tell your best friend that you do not like them that way.

Your best friend likes you and you like her back but you have a girlfriend?

If you like your best friend , tell it to your girlfriend para Hindi na masaktan pa Yung girlfriend

What if your best friend likes your girlfriend?

then he likes her. if he doesn't try anything i dont see the problem.

What should you do if you like your best friend but he is leaving for the marines and has a girlfriend but he has told you that he likes you before?

and also to add from the question above he has told you he does not really like his girlfriend

How do you know when your girlfriend's best friend likes her?

Ways to find if your girlfriend's best friend likes her:Ask first! Never assume. (It'll ruin your relationship!)OR Look for signs and gestures (the way the best friend looks at her, the way they joke around, the way the best friend touches her, etc)

Your best friend likes your boyfriends best friend and he has a girlfriend is it weird if they holded hands as friends?

No. Just tell your best friend that he is taken. It is her decision from there.

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