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She could be lying to avoid hurting you, or she may not know she is flirting. Some people do not know when they are flirting. Talk with your friend about your feelings.


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It is nearly impossible to tell if someone is lying through a text message. So you should either call the person or ask them in person

If the friend is saying mean things or lying about you, talk to the friend in person, tell him or her how hurtful this gossip is to you and ask the friend to stop.

Calling someone a viper means the person is a lying snake.

There is no reason to lie for a friend. Honesty is always the best way to go. Lying only leads to more lies and the person or persons lying will soon be found out.

A true friend will never lie to you or try to make you jealous. Those are the qualities of strangers or enemies, but not a true friend. If you catch someone engaging in this type of behavior, run (don't walk) in the other direction. That person is not a friend.

you go up to her or him and ask and if you think they are lying or you can tell that they are lying to you don't trust them or don't be there friend.

No, the word liar is a noun; a liar is the person.The word to describe (adjective) a person who lies is lying; for example the lying phony or the lying witness.To make it even more confusing, lying is also a verb (lie, lies, lying, lied).

Someone is lying to you when they are not acting the same as they usaully do.

You need to face the person that is lying about dating you. Your true friends will know this is not true so after confronting this person just ignore them and they will eventually go away.

Usually you can tell if someone is lying by their body language. If someone starts playing with their hair, clothes, fingers, etc. they are usually lying. If they won't look you in the eye and look in all different directions, they're lying. If someone isn't speaking clearly, they are probably lying. Pretty much any type of weird body movement can tell that someone is lying. Also if they pause or use uhhh or ummm or anything like that. ANSWER: I think it depends on individual. But you can tell if a person is lying if his answering your question with another question. If you can pay attention, when this person is lying watch the eyes, he will look down on the left. When that person speak you will notice that the words is not making sense to you. Last but not the least, that person will change the subject, so he or she will not force to answer the question.

a person who has a personal gain for lying for someone... someone who cant be trusted

The difference is mainly in implication. If you say someone is lying, you are saying he is lying right now; if you call someone a liar, you are implying that he lies all the time.It's a pretty subtle distinction, and someone could certainly be offended in either case, especially if they weren'tlying.

Mother Priest God Father Husband friend Wife

With all honesty your friend may be lying; before you do anything you have to find out if she is being honest, other than that the flirting is simple, say hi to him, talk to him, if there is a spark then it will all fall into place.

you try to get proof that she's lying and then when u get it, show it 2 ur friend

they are not your friend anymore freinds don't lie to you

A person lying on a couchA person lying in bedA person lying on a couch

nerolinguistics is the study of if someone is lying

How they act that's what i think my friend does that alot

it's either you confront him or brake the so-called "friendship" between the two of you. The reason to this is that you can never call someone who betray you- a friend. If you do, you are lying to yourself or you are confussed!

You can tell if a person is lying if they have a guilty look on their face. Also, try to look in their eyes. You will know if they are guilty or not. Most of the times, when a person is lying, they try to change the subject and look somewhere else besides you.You can also identify by their expressions or sumtimes their voice are cracked when they are telling any lie.

either she's lying and likes you a lot or she just is a flirtatious person and sees you as nothing important, but a flirt buddy...u should get down to bottom of this.

That's an easy one. If the person smiles while saying it

Chronic lying is a sign of sociopathy.

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