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He might like her. It's unfortunate that his new interest lives so near your mother, but he can't help that. Most likely he's not seeing the new girl just to annoy you. If he really does like her, he can't very well ask her or your mother to move, can he?

2008-05-07 19:31:28
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You broke up with you boyfriend but know want him back seeing someone else?

you broke up.

Does Justin bieber mother already has a husband or boyfriend?

well, justin's real mom pattie malette dosen't have a boyfriend, jeremy bieber and pattie broke up when justin was about 10 months

Is that bad that you broke up with your boyfriend 4 times in 4 months?

Depends on what you broke up over

Who is Georgie Henley boyfriend?

She had a boyfriend from Leeds in early 2013, though they broke up after only two months.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he needs a break and then when you are done with the break he wants to spend the rest of his life with you?

he was seeing someone else and he broke up with them just for you he was seeing someone else and he broke up with them just for you

Does Caitlin beadles have a boy friend?

No. She broke up with her boyfriend, Hayden, about 1½ months ago.

Even thought your boyfriend broke up with you.Does that mean he is seeing someone else?

no that maybe means he lost tatse

What is the meaning of ex boyfriend?

A boyfriend that you had but you broke up with!

Your boyfriend broke up w you after going through your texts seeing intimate texts. you love him didn't talk for months. You now hang occasionally. he still cares for. will we get back?

theres quite a large possibility, if you care for him it's possible.

Your boyfriend and you broke up after 7 months together and now after about a month you are deciding to see each other again do you continue counting on the previous 7 months or start counting over?

I would start counting all over again seeing that you two might be like different people now with different personalities of each other

Is Hayden Panettiere have a boyfriend?

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Who is bahja Rodriguez boyfriend?

She and her boyfriend manny broke up

Ex-boyfriend married 9 months after breakup was this made as rebound?

It could possibly be a rebound relationship if your break-up with him really upset him. However, if he was not that upset about your break-up with him, then this is just a natural attraction. Who knows, maybe he was seeing this person before you two broke-up.

Will you get back with your boyfriend?

There is always a chance you will get back with your boyfriend depending on why you broke up. If he is not seeing another girl perhaps telephone him (do not text him as it is too impersonal) and ask if the two of you could meet somewhere. Talk things out and if you are meant to be together you will be.

What do you do when you broke up with your boyfriend with a lie?

You tell him the real reason you broke up with him.

You broke up with your boyfriend and he said that he doesnt really care are he cheat on you?

"You broke up with your boyfriend and he said that he doesnt really care are he cheat on you?

Who is the girlfriend of jerry yan now?

Jerry Yan is not currently seeing anyone. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, Lin Chi-Ling a couple of months ago.

Your boyfriend of 8 months just stopped talking to you its been 2 months now he never broke up with you why?

He either thinks you've done something wrong or has found out you've done something wrong.

I just broke up with boyfriend and already have another boyfriend?

Hey good for you.

I have now broke up with my boyfriend?

How is that a question.

Who is Isaac in Pretty Little Liars?

He was Emily's boyfriend. Who broke she broke up with later

You and your ex boyfriend split 4 months ago you were with each other for about 9 months He broke up with because you are away for your job and for a year and I stressed him out He still contacts me?

well it depends on how the person is you can email me,

Whose allie dimecos boyfriend?

allie dimeco doesnt have a boyfriend. she broke up with Sean who is her ex-boyfriend.

Where does Leona Lewis livedose she have a boyfriend?

She lives in London. And no, she does not have a boyfriend. She broke up with her longterm boyfriend in June '10.

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She just broke up with Mico Palanca, her first boyfriend.