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no felon is allowed to posses a firearm......BUT you personally have knowledge of them being a felon.......if they were to get ahold of the weapon and harm you with it one they will go to prison for violating their felon "duties" and two you can also go to jail for knowing they were a felon == == == == == == == == == == Any felon is not allowed to own or posess a firearm. "Reasonable" is the key word with most law issues. If you keep your firearm away from the felon reasonably... (you have knowledge of his felon status, which makes you culpable if you negligently or recklessly mishandle or missecure your firearm in the house) Basically, you will need to take extra security steps in order to have a good chance to pass safely pass in a court of law.

2009-05-19 20:47:30
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Is assault with a firearm considered a violent crime?

Yes. Assault with a firearm is considered a violent crime.

Can i own a hand gun in Florida if not convicted of a non violent felony in Florida?

The legality of gun ownership is based off convictions for crimes. A convicted felon, regardless on violent or non violent cannot own or posses a firearm. If you were not convicted then you should be ok.

Can a person with a felony drug conviction in the state of Alabama own a gun of any type?

In Alabama, being convicted of a violent crime automatically disqualifies one from owning a firearm, as does being "a drug addict". Whether a felony drug conviction fulfills either of these criteria is beyond the scope of this website to authoritatively tell you.

Can non violent felons purchase a gun in Ohio?

NO! Convicted felons (violent or non-violent) cannot purchase or possess a firearm. It is the seriousness of the criminal offense, NOT whether it was violent, or not.

Who can live in section 8 housing can my boy friend who is an ex con?

Generally, whether your boyfriend is an ex-con or not, he is not allowed to live with you in your subsidized home. This constitutes fraud. Your voucher was designed for you and your kids if you have any. You can marry your boyfriend, then he would be your husband. But then this presents a different challenge: will he qualify for the program notwithstanding his felony conviction. This depends on what felony conviction he has. If he is a registered sex offender, a drug trafficker, violent felon, convicted of fraud involving public assistance, or convicted of any felony that is less than five years old, then it probably would not qualify.

Is unlawful use of a firearm considered violent or non violent?

It will only be considered violent if you point the gun at a person, attempt to fire the gun at a person, or shoot at a person. But first off, if you are using a gun unlawfully, you will already be fined significantly. As far as the law is concerned, any use of a firearm unlawfully will be considered violent, whether any of the above is done or not. Minor firearm offenses, such as improper transport methods in a car, are not.

What is Unlawful possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime?

Exactly what you have stated.

Is unlawful use of a firearm a violent crime?

Unable to determine from the information you have provided- it could be.

Can a non-violent felon posses a firearm?

in most, if not all states, a felon charge is a felon charge, which usually prohibits firearm ownership or possession......................

Can you get a first time non violent felony conviction expunged in Florida?

probably. Speak to a lawyer.....................

Can a person with a non-violent felony conviction rent with someone with no criminal background?


Who should be able to own and carry a firearm?

Resonsible, sane adults that do not have a history of violent crime.

Is attempted possession of a firearm a violent crime?

No. "Violent" crime is normally defined as a crime in which another person was injured or someone tried to injure another person.

Can a non violnet felon have a firearm?

No. Felons may not own, possess, or have access to firearms - no distinction in the law is made between violent and non-violent felons.

Can a convicted felon sell a gun to a pawn shop?

Most convicted felons are not allowed to possess a firearm, ordinarily. If his felony conviction is for a non-violent offense, like embezzelment, it may be okay. Ordinarily if he has title to a firearm, he could be in big trouble. <><><> Under Federal law (18 USC 922) a convicted felon may not possess a firearm. If he already owns a gun, he may dispose of it by selling it, but he may not handle it himself while doing so.

Will a non violent non drug related and non sexual offence High Court Misdemeanor effect your right to own or possess a firearm?

As long as the misdemeanor is non violent, non drug related, and non sexual or threatening then it will not affect you right to own a firearm.

Is a felon whose crime was violent prohibited from owning any firearm?

yes and also any "felon" regardless of what crime made him or her become a felon is prohibited from owning a firearm

In Kansas can a non violent felon own a firearm?

No, not without making application to the Kansas Court System. Even then... if the felon was FEDERALLY convicted they will be forever be prohibited from possessing a firearm.

How lond does one have to wait to purchase a firearm after being convicted of a violent misdemeanor in NC?

Depends on the misdemeanor.

Can you get a teaching certificate in Ohio if you have a felony?

No. A felony conviction disqualifies one from obtaining a teaching certificate in any state. Actually I know that it depends on the state as far as how their laws go. obviously if you have a violent conviction, a sexual related conviction or a drug related conviction, you would not be allowed to get a teaching certificate. I am asking however, about a non-violent, non-sexual, non-drug related crime. I had read previously that Ohio's law is that you must wait 5 years from the date of your conviction and I was just wondering if this was in fact true.

Will a prior conviction prevent someone from being a firefighter in New Jersey?

Normally yes, if the conviction is a violent one, or drug related. Different Dept.'s have different standards for entrance.

Is the sunset clause able to protect a person with a nonviolent felony that had a firearm?

Huh? A "non-violent felony" armed WITH a firearm!!! What kind of felony would that be??? Sounds like a crime of violence to me!

Is a person convicted of a felony DUI able to restore his gun or hunting rights?

If your conviction was for a STATE crime, most states DO have a process where you may apply for restoration of civil rights, including the right to possess a firearm. This will not apply to violent felonies, and will require that you have satisfactorily completed any probation or parole. You WILL need to start by finding an attorney in YOUR state that is familiar with those laws. If your conviction was for a Federal crime, there is no similar process.

Is being in a car with a firearm a violent felony?

Maybe - maybe not. If the gun was involved in a violent felony and you are in possession of it, yes, you could be charged with that violent felony. Even being IN a car with a gun places you in, what is called, "concurrent possession" of that gun.

Can a 45 year old misdemeanor assault conviction cause a person to be deny the right to own a gun?

Depends on the conviction. Under US Federal law, a conviction for a crime of "domestic violence" will disqualify you from legally possessing a firearm. That would be a violent crime committed against a family member or domestic partner. Assault and battery of a spouse/ girlfriend could be a misdemeanor and be a disqualifier. There is no time limit- the disability is permanent unless the person receives a pardon. For legal advice I would direct you to an attorney licensed to practice in your state.