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It doesn't sound like he's very committed. I'd probably move on if I were you. Confront him about it. Find out if he's sorry. If he's not, I would say move on, but if he is, have a forgiving attitude.

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What do you do when your boyfriend kissed another girl and another boy kissed you?

talk to him about it

Should you get upset if your boyfriend tells you a girl kissed him?

yes you should

What do you do when your boyfriend kissed another girl and another boy kissed you but you still love your boyfriend?

It depends on if the kiss you had with this other person meant anything to you? and also if the kiss your boyfriend had with this other girl also meant anything. If none of the kisses meant anything then your relationship should be fine as it was just a kiss and you both still love each other.

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend kissed another girl in your face?

The other girl in this dream represents the dreamer herself.

Should you break up with your boyfriend after he kissed another girl?

I would talk to your boyfriend and try to make the relationship work because you don't want to make any regrets. (This is a different person.) In my expreience yes. My boyfriend not only kissed another girl (My ex best friend) and also slept with her. Then when saying he was over he 'accidently' sent me flirty text messages ment for her. It depends how good your boyfriend has been with you.

I found out my boyfriend kissed another girl it only happened once but what should i do should we take a break should i break up with him or should i just get over it?

break up with him!!!! if he'll do it once, he'll do it again!

Has Megan Fox kissed a girl?

There is no proof that shows Megan Fox kissed another girl.

What should you do if your boyfriend has another girl and he keep lying?

Dump him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should you still be with your boyfriend if he told another girl he was in love with her?


What should you do if your boyfriend kissed another girl while you are separted?

Nothing, but you can choose to divorce them. Separation sometimes allows you to see other people and after awhile after the separation you can choose to stay together or divorce

Who was katy perry's boyfriend when i kissed a girl was made?

Russel Brant

What should you do if your boyfriend dumped you for a prittyer girl?

Find another boyfriend that's cuter than he is

Has miley kissed another girl?


If your boyfriend says he just kissed a girl is that all that happend?

"I kissed a girl" Translates into: "I did a hell of alot more than i want you to know about" source: a guy

You saw your boyfriend kiss another girl and it made you heartbroken should you let him go?

no you should kiss another man

How can you tell if another girl is flirting with your boyfriend?

It's obvious if someone is flirting with your boyfriend. The question should be, "Does your boyfriend care?" The answer to THAT question determines how you should handle the situation. ;)

What do you do when your boyfriend kisses a girl he just met? break up with him because he just kissed a girl that's not you!

What will you choose your boyfriend will die or he will be married to another girl?

If he wants to marry another girl he's not your boyfriend.

What does you kissed a girl by Katy Perry mean?

Its I kissed a girl. Not you kissed a girl.

If your boyfriend had another girl should you fight over him?

No a man who cheats is worthless. Move on.

Girl in another country who has a boyfriend what should you do?

what is the problem here? bf the country probably.

What does it mean when your boyfriend dreams about kissing another girl?

it means you should ask her to have a threesome

What should you do when you boyfriend flirts with another girl?

Ignore it. Everyone flirts. You don't own him.

What should I do if I kissed another girl while I was going out with my girlfriend?

Honesty is always the best policy. Come clean to your girlfriend.

What happens if you kiss a girl that has a boyfriend?

Well, it really depends on the scenario of the kiss. If you kissed her because you liked her, you should probably have told her it was wrong for you to have done that and that you will not do that again.

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