If your boyfriend sleep too much is he cheating on you?

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December 29, 2008 1:29AM

Oh my' Answer The fallowing to decide your fate.= . Is he good looking (YES) or (NO) . Does he have a job? (YES) or (NO) *IF* He does then choose the following... IF NOT THEN SKIP THE QUESTION IN THE = ================================================= .+ Does he work late night shift at his "job" (YES) or (NO) .++ Does he come "home" to a silver platter? (YES) (NO) (WTF?) (IDK) ================================================ . Is he someone that is popular at school, or somewhere else, and could pick-up a girl easy? (YES! BIG TIME!) (NO HE IS SHY) -----------------------------R E S U L T S ------------------------------------ (YES HE IS CHEATING ON YOU) If he is good looking, DOSENT have a job, and could pick-up girls EASY then he is. (NO HE ISN'T CHEATING ON YOU) If he is good or not so good looking then you have a free ticket of "RELIEF" Because it mainly depends if he is popular. Or has a job" Maybe it's something to do with his family, friends, etc. It depends if he Lives with you or not. If he does then maybe he has some sorta sickness. (See a docter!) 80% he is. 20% he isn't. * If he is. I'd try to figure out the closest girl in a love level that he is close to and confront her.... w/o getting shot... Question: If your boyfriend sleeps too much, Is he cheating on you? Veronica101's Answer - It depends on his ACTIONS that make you THINK he is cheating on you.