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Oh my' Answer The fallowing to decide your fate.= . Is he good looking (YES) or (NO) . Does he have a job? (YES) or (NO) *IF* He does then choose the following... IF NOT THEN SKIP THE QUESTION IN THE = ================================================= .+ Does he work late night shift at his "job" (YES) or (NO) .++ Does he come "home" to a silver platter? (YES) (NO) (WTF?) (IDK) ================================================ . Is he someone that is popular at school, or somewhere else, and could pick-up a girl easy? (YES! BIG TIME!) (NO HE IS SHY) -----------------------------R E S U L T S ------------------------------------ (YES HE IS CHEATING ON YOU) If he is good looking, DOSENT have a job, and could pick-up girls EASY then he is. (NO HE ISN'T CHEATING ON YOU) If he is good or not so good looking then you have a free ticket of "RELIEF" Because it mainly depends if he is popular. Or has a job" Maybe it's something to do with his family, friends, etc. It depends if he Lives with you or not. If he does then maybe he has some sorta sickness. (See a docter!) 80% he is. 20% he isn't. * If he is. I'd try to figure out the closest girl in a love level that he is close to and confront her.... w/o getting shot... Question: If your boyfriend sleeps too much, Is he cheating on you? Veronica101's Answer - It depends on his ACTIONS that make you THINK he is cheating on you.

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Q: If your boyfriend sleep too much is he cheating on you?
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What do you do if your boyfriend is cheating on you but you really like him?

You both can try and make it work. If he is too far into cheating, you cannot do much but leave him.

What if you were cheating on your boyfriend?

Then it isn't cheating ... if you and your boyfriend are doing something together, as opposed to apart, then there is nothing being cheated on ... The question is too vague.

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Cheating? On a thirteen year old? Oh, please. You're too young to be dating and certainly too young to be worried about any sort of a long term relationship.

Why do both your boyfriend and you have dreams that he is cheating on you with one of your best friends?

Mayb because he is?... I think you two are just worrying too much. ==new answer== The dream is about breaking the commitment to the inner self.

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