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Hi, I hope this will help. For a guy to call you every half hour on the hour, sounds a "LOT" possesive. Have you asked him NOT to call so often? How are you supposed to go on with YOUR life? Especially if he questions you as to "why didnt you answer the phone right away - what were you doing?" So, in a nutshell, NO, this is NOT LOVE, it's possession, or control, if you will. If you work, he calls all the time, youd lose your job, if you dont work, GET A JOB and get out. Its probably safest for you if this is early in the relationship.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-06 01:45:33
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Q: If your boyriend calls you every half an hour all day long does that mean that he is really in love with you?
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